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  1. Pearl Harbor
  2. Battle of Midway
  3. Lend-Lease Act
  4. Munich Pact
  5. FDR dies
  1. a 1st japanese defeat
    part of island hopping
  2. b on vacation and died April 12,1945
  3. c Great Britain thought they could avoid war with Hitler if they gave him whatever he wanted.
    Leaders agreed to give Germany Sudetenland if he promised not to expand any more.
    He disobeyed pact and seized the rest of Czechoslovakia
  4. d allowed U.S. to sell, lend, or lease war supplies to Allies
  5. e December 7, 1941 Japanese attacked military base, Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii
    America declared war on Japan

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  1. German's offensive, "lightning war"
    1. bombardment (aerial or naval)
    2. shocktroopers (tanks)
    3. stormtroopers
    4. secure gains
  2. 1st chance for Hitler to show off Germany
  3. the Allies' ultimatum to Japan warning if they didn't surrender there would be "total destruction"
    They remained quiet and didn't respond
  4. U.S. strategy to get closer to the Philippines and then Japan
    the idea of capturing certain islands and using them to leapfrog closer and closer to Japan
  5. U.S. destroyed Japanese cities and their air force and army

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  1. Holocaust/Evolution of Holocaust6 million Jews died
    1. Nuremberg Laws
    2. forced into ghettos
    3. resettled into concentration camps


  2. War EndsAugust 15, 1945 V-J Day "Victory over Japan"
    40 million+ people died


  3. genocideBritish soldiers were cornered on coast and boats came and saved them


  4. U.S. Plan of Attack1. North Africa
    2. Invade Italy
    3. France D-Day


  5. Preparing for War in U.S.factories switch to making war supplies & rationed goods


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