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  1. Battle of Okinawa
  2. Manhattan Project
  3. Hitler's Background
  4. Maginot Line
  5. concentration camps
  1. a secret project to create and test atomic bomb
  2. b string of steel and concrete bunkers along German border from Belgium to Switzerland
  3. c Jews were sent to work camps or death camps
  4. d U.S. destroyed Japanese cities and their air force and army
  5. e rejected from art school and was put in jail where he wrote Mein Kempf, My Struggle

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  1. Alliance between Italy and Germany
  2. promised to not to attack each other & split Poland
  3. extreme nationalism and racism
    Mussolini came up with it and Hitler adapted it
  4. 1. North Africa
    2. Invade Italy
    3. France D-Day
  5. August 15, 1945 V-J Day "Victory over Japan"
    40 million+ people died

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  1. Battle of BritainU.S. destroyed Japanese cities and their air force and army


  2. Japanese Americansput in internment camps


  3. Munich PactBritish soldiers were cornered on coast and boats came and saved them


  4. Olympics in Germany1st chance for Hitler to show off Germany


  5. V-E DayJune 6, 1944 Ally ships landed on coast of Normandy
    1. misdirection
    2. paratroopers
    3. naval bombardment
    4. aerial bombardment
    5. landing