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  1. Munich Pact
  2. blitzkrieg
  3. Anti-Semitism
  4. Japanese Americans
  5. Neutrality Acts
  1. a series of laws passed to keep America neutral
  2. b German's offensive, "lightning war"
    1. bombardment (aerial or naval)
    2. shocktroopers (tanks)
    3. stormtroopers
    4. secure gains
  3. c hatred of Jews
  4. d put in internment camps
  5. e Great Britain thought they could avoid war with Hitler if they gave him whatever he wanted.
    Leaders agreed to give Germany Sudetenland if he promised not to expand any more.
    He disobeyed pact and seized the rest of Czechoslovakia

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  1. U.S. destroyed Japanese cities and their air force and army
  2. Germany fought in Britain for a long time but soon Germany backed out because they were making no advances
  3. Hitler sent armies into Poland on September 1, 1939
    Great Britain and France declared war on Germany
  4. June 6, 1944 Ally ships landed on coast of Normandy
    1. misdirection
    2. paratroopers
    3. naval bombardment
    4. aerial bombardment
    5. landing
  5. Jews were sent to work camps or death camps

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  1. FDR diesAugust 15, 1945 V-J Day "Victory over Japan"
    40 million+ people died


  2. Manhattan Projectsecret project to create and test atomic bomb


  3. Holocaust/Evolution of HolocaustJews were sent to work camps or death camps


  4. Lend-Lease Actallowed U.S. to sell, lend, or lease war supplies to Allies


  5. AlliesGreat Britain, France, and later America