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  1. Dunkirk
  2. Hitler's Background
  3. concentration camps
  4. Munich Pact
  5. totalitarian
  1. a British soldiers were cornered on coast and boats came and saved them
  2. b Great Britain thought they could avoid war with Hitler if they gave him whatever he wanted.
    Leaders agreed to give Germany Sudetenland if he promised not to expand any more.
    He disobeyed pact and seized the rest of Czechoslovakia
  3. c a single party and its leader control all aspects of people's lives
  4. d rejected from art school and was put in jail where he wrote Mein Kempf, My Struggle
  5. e Jews were sent to work camps or death camps

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  1. string of steel and concrete bunkers along German border from Belgium to Switzerland
  2. wiping out an entire group of people
  3. 1. North Africa
    2. Invade Italy
    3. France D-Day
  4. U.S. strategy to get closer to the Philippines and then Japan
    the idea of capturing certain islands and using them to leapfrog closer and closer to Japan
  5. promised to not to attack each other & split Poland

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  1. Minoritieson vacation and died April 12,1945


  2. Neutrality Actsseries of laws passed to keep America neutral


  3. 1940 Election in U.S.FDR vs. Wendell Wilkie
    FDR wins


  4. Pearl HarborDecember 7, 1941 Japanese attacked military base, Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii
    America declared war on Japan


  5. Battle of the Bulgemarked the end of serious German resistance


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