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History Ch. 9 Test

Mrs. Debaun's class for history test. Make sure to make flashcards!
Know how and why people came to the Americas and where they originated.
- may have followed animals herds.
- may have drifted to warmer climates.
Know about the mountains and river systems of the Americas.
- rocky mountains in North America, called Andes.
- the east had flatter lands with litte mountains.
- Mississipi in the North, for major transportation.
- Amazon in South America, second longest river, flowing out to the Atlantic.
Know how early Native Americans fed themselves.
-used to hunt animals, such as mammoths.
Know what changes the development of agriculture brought to the Americas, what they grew, how they farmed.
- the glaciers melted, which cause large animals to be extinct.
- began farming, and grew (in the north) beans, corn and squash. also (in the south) avacado, and potatoes.
-they used digging sticks, and did NOT use plows.
Know about early Native American creation myths and why they are important to historians
-they believed in a supreme being and peoples relationship to it.
-and that people and animals used to live in the underworld.
narrow strip of water that separated the Americas from Asia.
land bridge during the Ice Age that made the Asias to travel to the Americas.
festive gatherings held in the Pacific Northwest.
permanent homes built of sun-dried brick.
big wild animals, that were hunted.
cone-shaped tents.
group of people who lived in southwestern United States.
another southwestern group.
people in the eastern woodlands that settled in the Ohio Valleys.
another group that moved in the Eastern Woodlands, along the Mississippi River.
Know about the dates in the North.
-one of the southwestern communities:300 BC to AD 500.
-Southwestern climate changes and when Hohokam abandoned city: AD 1300 and 1400s.
-when the great plains people were "pushed" out of homeland: AD 1400.
-Hopewell settled in Ohio Valley: 300 BC to 200 BC.
-Mississippians flourshed: AD 700 to AD 1500.
- Cahokia was home to 30,00 people: AD 1050 and AD 1250.
Know about the agricultures about the North.
-in western desert of Western North America, water was hard to find.
-were able to grow corn and such.
-had rivers.
Know about the acievements about the North.
weaver, farmers, carvers, hunters, architechture; earth mounds for burial.
Know about the way of life etc of the North.
hunted, planted, did art, built mounds, etc.
raised fields made with mud taken from the bottom of lakes.
a series of knots.
earliest culture of Mexico.
a culture developed in Andean South America.
one of the most advanced people in the Americas.
invaded central Mexico from the north.
wandering warriors who gradually ruled over Mexico.
people who worshiped the sun and the moon.
once the official language of the Inca empire.