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What is the policy of glorifying power and keeping an army prepared for war


Summarize the Schlieffen plan

A plan to have a large part of the German army race west to defeat France, and then return to fight Russia in the East

The armistice signer near Paris in November 1918 brought an end to..

World War 1

The purpose of propaganda during WW1 was to...

keep up morale and support for the war

The Zimmerman note, which pushed the US to enter the war, exposed the German plan to

Help Mexico get back their land from the US

World War 1 was a total war in the sense that..

They used all of the countries resources

In 1917, Germany returned to its poicy of unrestricted submarine warfare hoping to

Keeping cargo ships from reaching Great Britain

Which nations actions caused the US to fight in WW1


What action on 11/11/1918 brought WW1 to an end

An Armistice was signed

Explain the 14 points

A plan for peace during the time of post- World War

Who was forced to assume sole responsibility for the war under the Treaty of Versailles


What event caused Italy to refuse to support its ally Germany

Germany invaded Belgium

What were the gaols of the Allie's Gallipoli Campaign

-Take control of the Dardanelles
- Topple the Ottoman empire
- Create a supply line in Russia

What did the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare lead to

Sinking every ship in British waters

Who led germany during the last decade of the 1800s and most of WW1


How did the Treaty of Versailles effect postwar Germany

Left a legacy of hatred and bitterness, and debt

What was the American public's opinion about joining the league of nations

They were against it and believed the US should not get involved in European affairs

What gamble did Germany make before the US entered the war

Setting up the blockade

What event in Sarajevo ignited the Great War

Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

What is the most probable link between militarism and imperialism


What key factor led to the formation of the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente

Bismark's fear of France's army and Germany's fear of Britain's army

What events occurred after the Americans joined the war

The Bulgarian and Ottoman turks resigned from the war

How did the Allies respond to Wilson's vision for peace


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