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  1. Candid
  2. Exemplary
  3. Illusory
  4. Lobbyist
  5. Immoderate
  1. a deceptive, false, misleading
  2. b excessive, extreme, flattering
  3. c outstandingly good, setting a fine example
  4. d frank, honest
  5. e tries to persuade someone to support a particular cause

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  1. use up, lessen
  2. talkative
  3. guiding principle
  4. unclear in meaning, can be interpreted in different ways
  5. destine; confer holy orders on a priest

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  1. Onerousburdensome, hard to undertake


  2. Caldronhuge cooking pot


  3. Exculpateoutstandingly good, setting a fine example


  4. Altruismputting others first, being self-sacrificing


  5. Onusburdensome, hard to undertake