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  1. Inverse Secant Antiderivative
  2. Critical Number
  3. -cot(x)+C
  4. cos(x)
  5. Mean Value Theorem for integrals or the average value of a functions
  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d If f'(c)=0 or does not exist, and c is in the domain of f, then c is a critical number. (Derivative is 0 or undefined)
  5. e

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  1. If f'(c) = 0 and f"(c)<0, there is a local max on f at x=c.
    If f'(c) = 0 and f"(c)>0, there is a local min on f at x=c.

  2. D: (-∞,+∞)
    R: (0, 1)

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  1. sec(x)tan(x)


  2. Area under a curve
    The instantaneous rate of change will equal the mean rate of change somewhere in the interval. Or, the tangent line will be parallel to the secant line.


  3. Global Definition of a Derivative


  4. Adding or subtracting antiderivatives


  5. Antiderivative of f(x) from [a,b]


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