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  1. 3 main parts of brain
  2. afferent
  3. Parts of nervous system
  4. ocd
  5. nicotine
  1. a binds to presynaptic neuron to cause it to fire impulses. more dopamine release
  2. b Cns, pns, ans
  3. c carry towards cell body
  4. d associated with low levels of monamine neurotransmitters
  5. e Cerebrum, stem, cerebellum

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  1. insulator. secreted by 2 diff types of cells, depending on where neuron is located (schwann's and oligodendrocytes)
  2. blocks reuptake of dopamine
  3. neurons fire when skeletal muscle contracts and bulges.
  4. anti-motion sickness, blocks acetylcholine in synapse
  5. cns to body. efferent.

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  1. addictionthreshold level stimulus is raised, presynaptic neuron becomes more reluctant to release normal dopamine levels, brain permanently altered


  2. all or none lawcns to body. efferent.


  3. Cnsautonomic nervous system, some cranial and some spinal nerves belong, maintains homeostasis


  4. spinal nervesbranching off brain,12 pairs, control many bodily functions


  5. ecstasyserotonin release. damages brain neurons that release serotonin


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