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  1. motor neurons
  2. ANS
  3. refractory period
  4. synapse
  5. sensory neurons
  1. a space between neurons
  2. b rest after repolarized, .0005-.002 sec
  3. c body into cns. afferent.
  4. d cns to body. efferent.
  5. e autonomic nervous system, some cranial and some spinal nerves belong, maintains homeostasis

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  1. neurotransmitter. released in love, chocolate, carbs.
  2. neurotransmitter. secrete eating, sex, exercise.
  3. neurotransmitter. feel good. dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin. enzyme is monamine oxidases
  4. insulator. secreted by 2 diff types of cells, depending on where neuron is located (schwann's and oligodendrocytes)
  5. secrete myelin sheath if neuron is in cns

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  1. types of neuronscns to body. efferent.


  2. anticholinergic drugneurotransmitter. stimulate skeletal muscles, salivary glands. cholinesterase


  3. polarizedblocks reuptake of dopamine


  4. CnsCentral nervous system, brain and spinal cord


  5. ssri drugsold antidepressants. inhibited release of enzyme to break down monoamine neurotransmitters.