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  1. anticholinergic drug
  2. Pns
  3. synaptic knobs
  4. efferent
  5. caffeine
  1. a anti-motion sickness, blocks acetylcholine in synapse
  2. b swellings at ends of axons
  3. c Peripheral nervous system. Nerves branching off brain (12) and spinal cord (31)
  4. d carry from cell body
  5. e lowers threshold stimulus level required to make many body neurons fire. blocks postsynaptic receptor sites on neurons that cause sedation

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  1. neurotransmitter. released in love, chocolate, carbs.
  2. unequal distribution of opposite charges inside and out of neuron. resting potential
  3. new antidepressants. selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. block reuptake of serotonin back into presynaptic knob.
  4. pns yes. cns no
  5. blocks reuptake of dopamine

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  1. schwann cellssecrete myelin sheath if neuron is in pns, also secrete another layer on top of myelin called neurilemma


  2. divergencecarry from cell body


  3. norepinephrinefeel good. low levels lead to depression


  4. afferentcarry from cell body


  5. limbic centerbinds to presynaptic neuron to cause it to fire impulses. more dopamine release


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