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  1. convergence
  2. synapse
  3. nodes of ranvier
  4. divergence
  5. refractory period
  1. a one neuron sends its message onto 2 or more other neurons (frequently in cns)
  2. b rest after repolarized, .0005-.002 sec
  3. c space between neurons
  4. d axon indents, allow message to jump along axon and travel faster
  5. e 2 or more neurons come together to send their message to another neuron (frequently in pns)

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  1. swellings at ends of axons
  2. anti-motion sickness, blocks acetylcholine in synapse
  3. swap of charge. outside Na+, inside k+ cl- so4-2 po4-3. active potential, depolarization
  4. feel good. low levels lead to depression
  5. feel good. linked to depression

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  1. afferentcarry towards cell body


  2. monoaminesneurotransmitter. feel good. dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin. enzyme is monamine oxidases


  3. all or none lawcns to body. efferent.


  4. kinesthetic senseaka association neurons, connecting neurons. found withing cns. make connections, form connections between sensory messages and motor messages


  5. multiple sclerosismyelin sheath broken down. loss of control of motor movement