20 terms


end of semester tech test
the type of hardwood used to make the stationary holder
as sheet material made of sawdust pressed together under high heat
a sheet material made of thin sheets of wood glued together at a 90 degree angle
Particle Board
a sheet material made of sawdust and glue, heavy but weak
Steel Wool
made of steel fibers, smooths the wood finish
colors the wood, lets the grain show through
clear wood finish, protects the wood. water based (which we used) and oil based
Paste Wax
makes the finish shiny
Spray Wax
removes fingerprints and increases the shine
Machine Screw
holds the pen holder onto the stationary holder
Yellow Wood Glue
glues wood and paper two hour drying time, not waterproof
Epoxy Cement
a very strong two part glue that must be mixed together to dry
Krazy Glue
instant glue originally made for gluing skin
Paint Thinner
used to dissolve oil based material
used to apply stain and to polish the wax
Basswood, Oak, Maple
hardwood, trees with leaves that fall off every winter
Pine, Spruce, Fir
softwood, trees with needles
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California
states that produce the most trees
Clear Cutting
lumber companies cut all the trees in one area
Select Cutting
cut one, leave one method