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end of semester tech test


the type of hardwood used to make the stationary holder


as sheet material made of sawdust pressed together under high heat


a sheet material made of thin sheets of wood glued together at a 90 degree angle

Particle Board

a sheet material made of sawdust and glue, heavy but weak

Steel Wool

made of steel fibers, smooths the wood finish


colors the wood, lets the grain show through


clear wood finish, protects the wood. water based (which we used) and oil based

Paste Wax

makes the finish shiny

Spray Wax

removes fingerprints and increases the shine

Machine Screw

holds the pen holder onto the stationary holder

Yellow Wood Glue

glues wood and paper two hour drying time, not waterproof

Epoxy Cement

a very strong two part glue that must be mixed together to dry

Krazy Glue

instant glue originally made for gluing skin

Paint Thinner

used to dissolve oil based material


used to apply stain and to polish the wax

Basswood, Oak, Maple

hardwood, trees with leaves that fall off every winter

Pine, Spruce, Fir

softwood, trees with needles

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California

states that produce the most trees

Clear Cutting

lumber companies cut all the trees in one area

Select Cutting

cut one, leave one method

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