College Abnormal Psychology: Chapter 15 Quiz

Which of the following statements about coronary heart disease (CHD) is true?
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Which of the following refers to a sleep-wake disorder that occurs along with insomnia?ParasomniaWhen a person closes his or her eyes and relaxes, the brain waves characteristically show a regular pattern of 8 to 12 hertz. These waves are known as:alpha waves.Which of the following is true of the effects of sleep deprivation?It is cumulative in nature.A strong cultural value in many Hispanic groups is _____, or prioritizing the respect and care of one's family over one's individual needs.familismWhich of the following involves repeated episodes of upper-airway blockage during sleep?Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndromeThe goals of guided mastery techniques are to increase people's skills as well as their:self-efficacy beliefs.Sleepwalking and sleep terrors belong to a general category called:disorders of arousal.Both depression and coronary heart disease (CHD) are linked to genes that alter the functioning of the:serotonin system.Which of the following is true of sleepwalking?It occurs during NREM sleep.Administering _____ at prescribed times during the day has been shown to enhance shifts of circadian rhythms in individuals with delayed sleep phase type, jet lag type, and shift work type circadian rhythm disorder.melatoninAccording to Harvey, _____ maintain insomnia.cognitive factorsWhich of the following involves recurrent attacks of an irrepressible need to sleep, lapses into sleep, or naps occurring within the same day?NarcolepsySince 1990, more people have died from _____ than from any other cause.coronary heart disease