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nuclear energy

Which of the following is not an example of a potentially renewable or non-delectable energy source?

those that are reusable, and therefore eliminate waste released into the environment

Renewable energy sources are best described as

A building materials with low thermal inertia

An energy-efficient building might include all of the following except


Which of the following sources of energy is not (ultimately) solar-based?

photovoltaic solar cells for the generation of electricity and a solar oven

Which of the following demonstrate(s) the use of passive solar energy?

A solar and wind energy

The primary sources of renewable energy in the United States are

fossil fuels continue to be the major energy source for all sectors

Which of the following statements best describe the sources of energy in U.S. energy consumption patterns?

electricity generation is the largest end use of energy in the United States

Which of the following best describes U.S. energy use?

its largest contribution is to the electricity generation sector

Which of the following statements best describes the role of renewable energy in the United States?

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