Congenital Heart Disease IV- CardioRush

AV Valve dysplasia
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RAWhat chamber becomes enlarged in tricuspid valve dysplasia?Tetralogy of FallotWhat primary defect is associated with right to left shunting and cyanosis?VSD with PH, ASD with PH, PDA with PHWhat right to left shunting defects occurs secondary to pulmonary hypertension?Eisenmenger's syndromeWhat is the name of a right to left shunting defect with pulmonary hypertension?Cyanosis from mixing of R and L heart, reduced exercise tolerance and syncope, polycythemia, neuro signs, seizures, capillary sludging, paradoxical embolismWhat issues are associated with right to left shunting?Less O2 in blood because of mixing, hypoxia triggers EPO from kidney, more RBCsWhat causes polycythemia in right to left shunting?Polycythemia causing capillary sludgingWhat causes neurologic signs and seizures in right to left shunting?Thrombus sneaks across defect from venous circulation, exits left heart, goes to brainWhat is paradoxical embolism?IncreasesWhat happens to the viscosity of blood as hematocrit increases?Overriding aorta, VSD, pulmonic stenosis, secondary RV hypertrophyWhat are the 4 components of tetralogy of Fallot?Tetralogy of FallotWhat is the diagnosis?Cyanosis, murmur at R cranial sternal border and L heart baseWhat are the clinical signs associated with tetralogy of Fallot?Pulmonic stenosisWhat causes the murmur at the left heart base in tetralogy of fallot?RVEWhat pattern is seen on the ECG with tetralogy of Fallot?Undercirculation, RV enlargementWhat is the classic radiographic finding associated with Tetralogy of Fallot?Polycythemia makes blood too viscous, less turbulenceWhat can cause murmurs to go away as signs of tetralogy of Fallot worsen?Pulmonic stenosis, RV hypertrophy, overriding aorta, VSD, bubble study positive, turbulent flow in aorta on dopplerWhat findings on echo are classic for tetralogy of Fallot?Surgical repair or palliation, phlebotomy, hydroxyureaWhat are some possible methods of treating Tetralogy of Fallot?Decrease bone marrow productionWhat is the purpose of hydroxyurea?Large VSD, pulmonary hypertension, R to L or bidirectional shuntingWhat are the characteristics of a right to left VSD?Cyanosis, variable murmur sounds, polycythemiaWhat are the signs associated with R to L VSD?Possible sound of flow through VSD, increased S2 from pulmonary hypertensionWhat are the variable murmur sounds that can be associated with a R to L VSD?Cyanosis, weakness or collapse, possible hemorrhage in lungsWhat are the signs of Eisenmenger's syndrome?VSD causes increase in flow of blood to lungs from L to R shunt, pressure increases in RV, RV hypertrophy, pressure becomes larger than LV, flow switches R to L, low O2 blood enters systemic circulationWhat is the pathogenesis of R to L VSD?Pulmonary undercirculationWhat is the issue with these lungs?EqualWhat are the pressures in the aorta, LV, RV, and pulmonary artery during systole in R to L shunt with VSD?Pulmonary hypertension develops, pressure in PA increases to that of aorta, flow reverses to R to L, low O2 blood enters aorta from PAWhat is the pathogenesis of reverse PDA?PA enters aorta after head vessels branch, only sends low O2 to caudal half of bodyWhy does differential cyanosis occur in reverse PDA?Differential cyanosis, continuous murmur disappears, loud second heart sound at heart baseWhat are the clinical signs associated with reverse PDA?False (should not be corrected once flow reverses, causes pressure overload when the pop-off valve is blocked)True or false: it is still safe to perform surgery to correct a reverse PDADescending aorta, femoral arteryWhere do bubbles end up in a bubble study in reverse PDA?Aortic aneurysm (bulge near aorta from R to L PDA)What is the abnormality?RV hypertrophy, PDA visualizedWhat are the echo findings consistent with R to L PDA in dogs?DexterWhich occurs more often in dogs: Cor Triatrium dexter or sinister?SinisterWhich occurs more often in cats: Cor Triatrium dexter or sinister?