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Where is Zionism's Homeland?


Who led the zionist movement?

Theodore Herzl in 1896

What was the Balfour Declaration?

1917 - it had british support and US agrees - but Israel had 8% jews

Why was the Ottoman Empire important?

b/c the land was split up and the conflict was their land

What happened after WWI?

GB mandates that jews emigrate to Palestine - "Aliyahs"

What was the effect of the GB's mandate?

the population triples in th 20's

What did the Aliyahs cause?

riots, and peeled commission cause 1936-39 28% rise and palestine broke up

What interrupted the issue?


what did the commming of the people cause?

illegal immigration

What did the Haulocaust do?

exodusted the jews

what was the UN resolution?

On Nov. 29th in 1947 - UN handles the situation

what happened in the 1st war?

in 1948 Israel gains 50% of land and admitted to the UN in 1949

What was the 2nd war over?

a battle over the Suez Canal and that Israel wanted trade access

What land did Israel gain in 2nd war?

Gaza Strip, Canal and Sinai Peninsula

Why did the land gained in the 2nd war was it given up?

THE US, USSR and UN pressured made them withdraw

what was the 3rd war over?

President Nasser of Egypt rallies them to attack and Israel wins and no peace treaty at all - 6 day war

What was UN Resolution 242?

it made Israel give land up for peace and so they did but they weren't given peace

What happened in October 1973?

Yom Kippor War - Egypt and Syria are aggressors and Israel wins

What was UN resolution 338?

a seize fire and implemetns 242 again

What was the Camp David Accords?

a Gaza Strip and west bank were given up - a mere hope of arabs agreeing failed - which was known as the Baghdad Summit

what happens in 1979?

Sinai Peninsula given up

What is the PLO?

The palestine libertarian Organization in 1964 and liberates palestines and prohibits zionism

What is the lebanon war caused by?

the attempt assasination on a Israeli ambassador in 1982

Why do people think 9/11 happened?

the US intervention in the Lebanon war

What is Hezbollah?

a political organization in Lebanon that resists movement of Zionism

What is Hamas?

a palestine resistance movement that governs the Gaza and parts of territories - linked to suicide bombings

what president tries to solve last?


what does clinton do?

does the oslo accounts

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