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The process of finding and correcting errors in a worksheet.

Web Query

Used to import data stored on a Web site.

Enter Key

Used to rename sheets; used by double-clicking the sheet tab in the lower-left corner of the window, type the new sheet name then press this.

Tab Scrolling Button

To move between worksheets. Located to the left of the sheet tabs.


E-mailing a workbook from Excel sends the workbook this way in the email.

Startup Submenu

Any application on this will automatically start when you turn your computer on.

Office Clipboard

The copy button copies the contents and formats of the source area to this reserved place in the computer's memory.


Button on the Ribbon or a command on the shortcut menu which removes cells (including the data and format) from the worksheet.

Freeze the Titles

Allowed to be done so that Excel displays the titles on the screen, no matter how far down or to the right you scroll.


A formula using this type of cell reference for B20 instructs Excel to adjust the cell reference as it copies it to the destination area.

Error Message

Aways begins with the # symbol.


IF function is one in which the action to be taken for the true or false case includes yet another IF function.

Legend Gallery

Used to format the legend on the chart.


Unless you first select a range of cells or an object before starting the spell checker, Excel checks this selected item.

Goal Seeking

Used if you know the results you want a formula to produce; also used to determine the value of a cell on which the formula depends.

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