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  1. Llanos
  2. Atacama Desert
  3. Rio de la Plata
  4. terrorism
  5. tepuis
  1. a the use of fear and violence as a political force
  2. b the driest region of South America, in northern Chile and southern Peru
  3. c a chain of high plateaus near the Guiana Highlands
  4. d an estuary between Argentina and Uruguay
  5. e a plains area in Northeast Colombia and western Venezuela

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  1. one of South America's great river systems, which drains the western Guiana Highlands and the Llanos, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean
  2. the longest river in South America, which flows into the Rio de la Plata estuary between Argentina and Uruguay
  3. an island divided between Argentina and Chile
  4. a hunting land between the Andes and the Brazilian Highlands
  5. South America's greatest early civilization

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  1. Altiplanoan elevated plain between the Andes' two great mountain ranges


  2. ranchos, callampas, favelasan estuary between Argentina and Uruguay


  3. latafundialarge estates spread across the Pampas


  4. Patagoniaa semiarid landform south of the Pampas which stretches all the way to Tierra del Fuego


  5. El Ninowhen Pacific waters are colder than normal