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  1. Guiana Highlands
  2. Mercosur
  3. Altiplano
  4. Inca
  5. ranchos, callampas, favelas
  1. a South America's greatest early civilization
  2. b Venezuelan, Chilean, and Brazilian names for slums that surround major cities
  3. c an elevated plain between the Andes' two great mountain ranges
  4. d ancient eroded highlands in southern Venezuela
  5. e an organization to expand trade, improve transportation, and reduce tariffs among member countries

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  1. small farms with poor land
  2. wide grasslands in Argentina
  3. a chain of high plateaus near the Guiana Highlands
  4. a semiarid landform south of the Pampas which stretches all the way to Tierra del Fuego
  5. an event in which the eastern Pacific Ocean is warmer and the climate is much wetter than normal

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  1. Parana Riverthe longest river in South America, which flows into the Rio de la Plata estuary between Argentina and Uruguay


  2. landlockedSouth America's greatest mountain range


  3. tar sandsrock or sand layers that contain oil


  4. Gran ChacoSouth America's greatest early civilization


  5. Rio de la Plataan estuary between Argentina and Uruguay


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