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  1. Pampas
  2. Amazon River
  3. Tierra del Fuego
  4. Llanos
  5. Chibcha
  1. a a plains area in Northeast Colombia and western Venezuela
  2. b a native group of the Colombian Andes
  3. c the world's largest river in volume
  4. d wide grasslands in Argentina
  5. e an island divided between Argentina and Chile

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  1. when a country has no border on the ocean
  2. South America's greatest early civilization
  3. Venezuelan, Chilean, and Brazilian names for slums that surround major cities
  4. rock or sand layers that contain oil
  5. large estates spread across the Pampas

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  1. Patagonialarge estates spread across the Pampas


  2. AndesSouth America's greatest mountain range


  3. Altiplanoan elevated plain between the Andes' two great mountain ranges


  4. terrorismthe use of fear and violence as a political force


  5. maniocSouth America's greatest mountain range