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  1. tree line
  2. Gran Chaco
  3. Amazon River
  4. Inca
  5. Parana River
  1. a a hunting land between the Andes and the Brazilian Highlands
  2. b the line of elevation above which trees do not grow
  3. c the world's largest river in volume
  4. d South America's greatest early civilization
  5. e the longest river in South America, which flows into the Rio de la Plata estuary between Argentina and Uruguay

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  1. South America's greatest mountain range
  2. an island divided between Argentina and Chile
  3. when Pacific waters are colder than normal
  4. an elevated plain between the Andes' two great mountain ranges
  5. highlands which extend inland along Brazil's southeastern coast

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  1. Chibchaa native group of the Colombian Andes


  2. Llanosa plains area in Northeast Colombia and western Venezuela


  3. Pampaswide grasslands in Argentina


  4. landlockedSouth America's greatest mountain range


  5. maniocwhen Pacific waters are colder than normal