foundational words

Ser = to be
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used for permanent traits - personality, where people are from (origin), who or what the subject is: nationality, political, religious, occupation, day date and time, and possession
(yo) soy = I am
(tú) eres = you are (singular)
(Ud.) es = you are, (singular formal)
(él, ella) es - he/it is, she/it is
(nosotros) somos = we are
(Uds) son = you are ( plural inf. or formal)
(ellos) son = they are (masculine)
(ellas) son = they are (feminine)
EXAMPLE: Yo soy de Estados Unidos.
La statua es en la plaza.
used to talk about the location of people places and things, and the current condition of the subject, how the subject is feeling.
Estoy = I am
(tú) estás = you are
(ud., Ud., él , ella) ésta = you are, he, she, it is
(nosotros/as) estamos = we are
(Uds., ellos/as) están = you are they are
EXAMPLE: Lose estudiantes están en la biblioteca.
La biblioteca está en la avenida Miguel.
Maria está en el gimnasio.