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6th Grade daily geography questions for week 30

Europe & Asia

What two continents share the same landmass?

French Guiana

What is the name of the only colony on the South American continent?

Spain-yes, France-yes, Portugal-no

Does the Prime Meridian pass through Spain? France? Portugal?


What direction is New Orleans, Louisiana, from Corpus Christi, Texas?

Cuba *largest land area of all the islands in the Caribbean

What large island is located between Florida and Jamica?

Those in southern South America

Who are closer to the South Pole, people living in southern Africa or people living in southern South America?

Great Slave Lake & Great Bear Lake

Find two lakes in Canada tht have "Great" in their names.

Yes ~ via northern Wisconsin to Michigan without crossing another state.

Could you drive from Wisconsin to Michigan without crossing another state?

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