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  1. a trait of acting stupid
  2. What suprising things do the priest tell Crispin about his mother?
  3. fearful expectation
  4. mocking
  5. to lose right to
  1. a folly
  2. b taunt
  3. c forfeit
  4. d she could read and write
  5. e apprehension

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  1. pinnacle
  2. NO
  3. serf
  4. avail
  5. timult

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  1. What does witness John Aycliffe doing in the forest one night?bread, porrige, and a leather pouch


  2. a poor personpauper


  3. bad moodcease


  4. a crime that undermines the governmentavail


  5. What does the old lady give Crispin?bread, porrige, and a leather pouch