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  1. a superior paper
  2. a state of commotion
  3. a feeling of evil to come
  4. someone who manages property
  5. Do the people in Crispins village believe he did the crime?
  1. a paechment
  2. b timult
  3. c NO
  4. d foreboding
  5. e steward

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  1. avail
  2. sancturary
  3. meander
  4. hoist
  5. shroud

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  1. Why is Crispin labled a wolfs head?He is accused of stealing money frome the manor house


  2. mockingtaunt


  3. What happens to Crispins house?People come and tear it down and burn it


  4. What does witness John Aycliffe doing in the forest one night?He recieves a parchment packet in waxed ceals from a stranger


  5. having your attention faxed like a spellmoot