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  1. benefit in result of some event
  2. a situation that is hard to get out of
  3. a superior paper
  4. avoid and stay away from
  5. Why is Crispin labled a wolfs head?
  1. a paechment
  2. b avail
  3. c shun
  4. d plight
  5. e He is accused of stealing money frome the manor house

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  1. hoist
  2. moot
  3. steward
  4. treason
  5. he died in the great mortality

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  1. a feeling of evil to cometimult


  2. bad moodcease


  3. the act of searching for foodfolly


  4. a group of blood related peoplekin


  5. a person hired to fight a opposing countryfolly


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