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  1. not allowing to pass through
  2. someone who manages property
  3. a poor person
  4. What happened to Crispins dad, according to Asta?
  5. having your attention faxed like a spell
  1. a transfixed
  2. b steward
  3. c impenetrable
  4. d he died in the great mortality
  5. e pauper

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  1. fallow
  2. People come and tear it down and burn it
  3. foreboding
  4. cease
  5. he is led into a trap

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  1. to movr or cause to move in a circular motionmeander


  2. Do the people in Crispins village believe he did the crime?NO


  3. What does the old lady give Crispin?bread, porrige, and a leather pouch


  4. burial garmentshroud


  5. benefit in result of some eventtimult