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  1. having your attention faxed like a spell
  2. nervous
  3. a group of blood related people
  4. a place of safety
  5. a lofty peak
  1. a pinnacle
  2. b kin
  3. c sancturary
  4. d skittish
  5. e transfixed

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  1. meander
  2. mercenry
  3. People come and tear it down and burn it
  4. paechment
  5. implore

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  1. What does the old lady give Crispin?People come and tear it down and burn it


  2. Do the people in Crispins village believe he did the crime?he is led into a trap


  3. a person who is bound to the land ( slave )serf


  4. a feeling of evil to comeforeboding


  5. to endtaunt