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  1. the auditory expirence of sound
  2. What happened to Crispins dad, according to Asta?
  3. avoid and stay away from
  4. make poor: take away
  5. nervous
  1. a he died in the great mortality
  2. b clamor
  3. c shun
  4. d skittish
  5. e impoverish

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  1. serf
  2. cease
  3. she could read and write
  4. mercenry
  5. avail

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  1. What happens to Crispin whaen he take Cerdics advice?he died in the great mortality


  2. burial garmentsullen


  3. someone who manages propertysteward


  4. the act of searching for foodforage


  5. Why is Crispin labled a wolfs head?People come and tear it down and burn it


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