Ch. 10 - Focus Questions pg. 124-125

What was the source of Samson' strength?
Samson was blessed by God with great strength. Throughout his life Samson was a Nasarite, a person concentrated to God. As a Nasarite, Samson was supposed to keep special promises, or vows. He was not to drink wine or strong drink, touch anyone or anything that had died, or cut or shave his hair. The spirit of the Lord was with Samson. And as long as Samson kept his vows God continued to make him stronger.
What did Samson have in common with Deborah?
Even though the Israelites had won at Mt. Tabor, they again turned from God. Some of God's people found themselves under the rule of the Philistines, who were their enemies. So God sent a special judge to his people. This judge was the only one whose birth was foretold in a very extraordinary way.
What are vows?
Vows are serious promises that people make to God or to each other. The purpose of a vow is usually to help the person to make the vow to live a life of holiness.