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  1. Which protozoal zoonoses are difficult to kill with chlorine?
  2. Cases of EEE in which species will occur about 2 weeks before the onset of human cases?
  3. Which fly is NOT an obligate parasite?
  4. Which protozoa are obligately parasitic?
  5. RMSF is transmitted by which genera of ticks?
  1. a Lucilia sericata
  2. b Dermacentor
  3. c Leishmania
  4. d Cryptosporidium
  5. e Horses

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  1. 1-5 days
  2. Number of disease cases at a particular time
  3. Factors internal to the animal
  4. SLEV
    Yellow Fever
    West Nile Virus
    Dengue Fever
  5. Intrinsic Incubation Period

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  1. What factors are increasing resistance rates in bacteria?Inappropriate use
    Subtherapeutic levels


  2. What is/are method(s) of control for Taeniasis?Human Sanitation
    Meat Inspection
    Cook meat
    Freeze meat


  3. What does Ro tell you?Average number of new cases caused by each existing case


  4. What species is the principle host for Rabies in the USA?Bats


  5. What are the types of Prevalence?Point Prevalence
    Period Prevalence