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  1. What species is the principle host for Rabies in Africa and Asia?
  2. Are the adult tapeworms located in the definitive host or the intermediate host?
  3. What kind of cyst is assciated with Echinococcus multilocularis?
  4. How are humans infected with Fasciola?
  5. What species is the principle host for Rabies in the USA?
  1. a Alveolar
  2. b Definitive Host
  3. c Bats
  4. d Dogs
  5. e Eating contaminated vegetables

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  1. Salmonella
    WEE, EEE, and VEE
  2. Reduce the reservoir
    Flea control
  3. Rickettsia rickettsii
  4. Intrinsic determinant
  5. Ixodes

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  1. Which zoonoses can you get from reptiles, fish, and amphibians?Salmonella
    Fish-born parasites


  2. What is the goal of tertiary prevention?Reduce incidence


  3. Trypanosoma brucei causes what disease in cattle?Nagana


  4. Where do Toxoplasma oocysts sporulate?Lucilia sericata


  5. What is the common name of Ctenocephalides canis?Dog flea