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  1. What is the procedure for an immuno-compromised client after being bitten by their kitten?
  2. What things are NOT consider to be Zoonoses?
  3. An equine vaccine is available for which alphavirus(es)?
  4. Are the adult tapeworms located in the definitive host or the intermediate host?
  5. What are the classifications for larval migrans?
  1. a Cutaneous
  2. b Poisoning/envenomation
    Bites, kicks, and scratches
    Anthroponoses from animal-derived food
  3. c Wash out wound
    Keep an eye on it
    Talk to doctor
  4. d Definitive Host
  5. e EEE

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  1. Alveolar
  2. Liver
  3. Borrelia
  4. Reduce incidence
  5. Reduce the reservoir

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  1. What tapeworms can use the human as a definitive host?Taenia saginata
    Taenia solium
    Dipylidium caninum


  2. Which zoonotic organism has the most estimated new cases per year?Leptospirosis


  3. What is/are method(s) of control for Schistosomiasis?Avoid swimming in fresh water
    Reduce the reservoir


  4. What is the best method for preventing Dipylidium caninum in humans?Reduce the reservoir
    Flea control


  5. What organism causes Undulant Fever?SLEV
    Yellow Fever
    West Nile Virus
    Dengue Fever