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  1. What is the common name of Ctenocephalides felis?
  2. What diseases can be transmitted by Ixodes?
  3. What is the numerator for Cumulative Incidence?
  4. Lyme disease is caused by which organism?
  5. Which Toxoplasma stage(s) are infectious?
  1. a Borrelia burgdorferi
  2. b Cat flea
  3. c Number of new disease cases during a time period
  4. d Borrelia
  5. e Oocysts

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  1. Dogs
  2. Oestrus ovis
  3. melitensis
  4. Bacillus anthracis
    Yersinia pestis
    Francisella tularensis
  5. Ticks

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  1. What is the best method for preventing hookworms in humans?Reduce the reservoir


  2. What is the definition of myiasis?Infestation with fly larvae


  3. Which zoonoses can you get from equids (including mosquito vectors)?Brucella
    Coxiella burnetii
    Mycobacterium bovis


  4. What are the principle indicators of eradicability?Humans required for life cycle
    Practical diagnostic tools
    Effective intervention to interrupt transmission


  5. Which zoonoses are you more likely to get from a ca than a dog?Bartonella