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  1. Taenia solium can cause what severe disease in humans?
  2. What species is responsible for the majority of Rabies cases in Puerto Rico?
  3. Which Cryptosporidium is the most important zoonosis?
  4. What is the definition of myiasis?
  5. What control program is shared by all milk-borne zoonoses?
  1. a Mongoose
  2. b Neurocysticercosis
  3. c Pasteurization
  4. d parvum
  5. e Infestation with fly larvae

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  1. An expression of the frequency with which an event occurs in a defined population
  2. Reduce the reservoir
  3. Baylisascariasis
    Schistosome dermatitis
    Larval migrans
  4. A fraction in which the numerator is not part of the denominator
  5. Borrelia

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  1. What is the definition of a count?Number of animals who have a particular disease


  2. Which Brucella species is most pathogenic in people?type A


  3. What is the goal of secondary prevention?Improve survival


  4. What is the maintenance cycle for Urban Yellow Fever?Mosquito-human-mosquito


  5. Which zoonoses can you get from birds?Tularemia