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  1. What are the categories of prevention?
  2. What control program is shared by all milk-borne zoonoses?
  3. What animal(s) is/are the reservoir for Cryptosporidium?
  4. What are the types of continuous variables?
  5. What is the common name of Ctenocephalides canis?
  1. a Cattle
  2. b Pasteurization
  3. c Continuous scale
    Discrete scale
  4. d Primary
  5. e Dog flea

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  1. Kissing bugs
  2. Total population at the time
  3. Get someone else to clean the litter box
    Cook pork products thoroughly
    Wash hands after gardening
    Wash hands after cooking pork products
  4. Salmonella
    Fish-born parasites
  5. Dermatophytoses

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  1. What methods can prevent Giardia and Cryptosporidium infections?Filter drinking water
    Wash produce
    No diapers in the pool


  2. What type of variable can take on any value within the limits of the variable ranges?Categorical


  3. What is the best method for preventing human toxocariasis?Reduce the reservoir
    Flea control


  4. What is the best method for preventing hookworms in humans?Reduce the reservoir


  5. What kind of cyst is associated with Echinococcus granulosis?Hydatid


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