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first dynasty w/ archelogical evidence
capital in Ordos bulge of Huanghe


1029BCE-258BCE classical era (green)
originally a vassal family of Shang, possibly Turkic in origin
overthrew Shang


221BCE-202BCE classical era (green)
est. at end of Warring States period after fall of Zhou


202BCE-220CE classical era (green)
establishment of Confucianism


589-618 post classical (yellow)
emerged from strong rulers in n china
united all of n china and reconquered s china
grand canal under yangdi
reinstated civil exam system after Three Kingdoms period


618-907 post classical (yellow)
more stable than sui
flourished culturally and politically


960-1279 post classical (yellow)
weak militarily so signed a lot of treaties and eventually reduced to souther song
Southern Song 1127-1279 - culturally glorious


1279-1368 post classical (yellow)
Mongol dynasty


1368-1644 mostly early modern (blue)
had huge trade expeditions to s asia and other places at first, but later concentrated efforts on internal development w/in china


1644- mostly modern (orange)
manchu dynasty that forced submission of nomadic ppls far to w and compelled tribute from vietnam and burma to the south
very powerful at first but defeated by euro powers
last chinese dynasty

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