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Jin dynasty
280's: reunited china after civil war; people moved to south; buddhism takes root; ends b/c of nomadic and peasent revolt
Sui dynasty
4589-604: most closely associated with the qin dynasty preceding the Han; harsh but provided valuable infrastructure
Xian Bei
founder of the wei dynasty
Wei dynasty
439-534: buddhism takes root; founded by nomads who adopted chinese culture
Yang Di
604-618: sui emperor that created grand canal, raised taxes; last sui emperor
Li Shimin
618: (Tang Taizono) forced father to overthrow gvt; began Tang; gvt= not centralized by separating the power
religion introduced in Wei and became monasteries central for wealth and property ; associated with change; scapegoat for leaders b/c non confucian
Battle of Talas
751: battle that discontinued the chinese domination of western asia; muslims beat Tangs
Tang decline
discouraged by muslims; fubing system; nomads; no one pays taxes; buddhists;
turkish background; trade society; were paid off not to attack Tang dynasty
rival territory in E. Asia; influenced by india and asia; military :); buddhist society
Tang crushes Buddhist monestaries b/c wealthy; had women's rights; barbarian influence; no taxes; no military
Au Lusham
755:Turkish military leader paid off by Tang; rebelled against Tang; failed
Huang Chao
879-881: convinced many peasants to rebel against gvt
Empress Wu Zeitan
674-705: influential women emperess; established Zhou dynasty
Zhou dynasty
690-705: est. by empress wu; buddhist
Xuan Zong
712-756: good-for-nothing emperor; accomplished nothing; didnt care about ruling
Song dynasty
907-1279: experimental gvt, lots of innovation all accross the scholarly spectrum; math, science, gvt, medicine; had clusets thing to an industrial revolution
Zen Buddhism ideal person: person who is mentally tough in bad situations; confucian
Wang Aushi
1070's: gvt experimenter; welfare state
non agricultural society; :)/tight with Song;
mid 600's: buddhism really serious; confucian; adopted much Song/chinese culture
940's: rice+agriculture= :); adopted chinese culture