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  1. purpose and values of the funeral rites for survivors 6-10
  2. depressed child may be very active example of
  3. . delayed grief
  5. Sudden death 2. a need to blame
  1. a 6. meet spiritual, psychological, and social needs
    7. opportunity for farewell through ritual
    8. establishes a socially accepted climate for mourning
    9. a time for those less afflicted to support those who are more afflicted
    10. a chance to reflect upon memories of the deceased to provide a dramatic presentation of the fact that a life had been lived
  2. b Wrote 'Dying facing the facts
  3. c - sometime called inhibited, or postponed grief, the person may have had an emotional reaction at the time of loss but it is not sufficient to the loss
  4. d - extremely strong in these cases to want to blame someone for what happened
  5. e 2. often children act out emotions

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  1. 1. share your own religious belief
    2. speak in concrete terms rather than philosophical
    3. give them permission to cry and express emotions
    4. acknowledge when you don't know the answer
  3. survivors take responsibility for the action and have a gnawing feeling there was something they should have done
  4. all behavior that seeks and finds the solution to an existential problem by making an attempt on the life of the subject
  5. begin to understand death as final but may not accept it as something that happens to
    everyone- will often personify death - example the boogie man

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  1. Sudden death 1. sense of unrealitythis type of death is an assault on our sense of power and on our sense of orderliness


  2. 3. situational cluesI wish I were dead, things would be better if I were not here, im not really of any use to anyone




  4. b. altruistic suicidethe type suggested that one may receive too much control by society and feel oppressed under extremely strict rules - associated with over regulation - one dies in despair of being able to make it in a society that allow little opportunity for satisfaction of individual fulfillment


  5. has the lowest rate1. make believe stories or fairy tales
    2. something you don't believe yourself
    3. what they need to unlearn later