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  2. 1st task of mourning
  3. 1st grief work
  4. DR EARL GROLLMAN (Rabbi) wrote
  5. Mourning
  1. a Preoccupation with thoughts of the decease
  2. b A person tries to cope with the knowledge of impending death
  3. c the process of adjustment following a loss
  4. d " When your loved one is dying"
  5. e Accept the reality of the loss - 1st hurdle acknowledge and accept the truth of the loss
    Acceptance of the reality of the loss facilitated by seeing or being with the body
    Grief counselor encourage mourners to observe, to touch and to photograph the body

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  1. DESPAIR - searching disorganization, restlessness, somatic symptoms, grief depression and anguish - bedwetting, soiling clothes
  2. - excessive in duration and never comes to a satisfactory conclusion
  3. - griever is usually conscious of the relationship to the reaction to the death but the reaction to the current situation is excessive and disabling
  4. a. Sadness
    b. Anger
    c. Guilt and self reproach
    d. Anxiety
    e. Loneliness
    f. Fatigue
    g. Helplessness
    h. Shock
    i. Yarning
    j. Emancipation
    k. Relief
    l. Numbness
  5. - I realize that not only some deaths were better than others, but that certain deaths were so fitting as to be called appropriate

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  1. Manifestation of Normal Griefis uncomplicated grief


  2. DETERMINANTS OF GRIEF - RAPHAEL1. individual begins to close off his or her emotional investment in life and prepares for death. Individual reaches a point where they turn inward to withdraw from the external world. At this time we can say the terminal interval of existence has begun and will end at biological death


  3. children often feel guiltyearly loss experience - discussion of death -separation experience -game playing


  4. d. distorted thinkingresults from a lack of regulation of the individual or during times of adverse conditions when traditional group standard no longer apply - complete loss of control - confusion without hope - this would occur at times of economic depression after defeat in war, after stock market crash


  5. . masked grief- sometime called inhibited, or postponed grief, the person may have had an emotional reaction at the time of loss but it is not sufficient to the loss