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  1. c. fatal suicide
  2. 4th task of mourning
  4. purpose and values of the funeral rites for survivors 11-15
  5. the largest number of suicides are of this type
  1. a 1. make believe stories or fairy tales
    2. something you don't believe yourself
    3. what they need to unlearn later
  2. b egoistic suicide
  3. c the type suggested that one may receive too much control by society and feel oppressed under extremely strict rules - associated with over regulation - one dies in despair of being able to make it in a society that allow little opportunity for satisfaction of individual fulfillment
  4. d Withdraw emotional energy and reinvest in another relationship
  5. e 11. helps to over felling of loss and loneliness
    12. helps establish emotional stability through a social support network
    13. helps people deal with pear, panic and frustration and guilt
    14. an affirmation of the uniqueness of personality of the deceased and survivors
    15. allows one to interpret death in their own way

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  1. 1. individual begins to close off his or her emotional investment in life and prepares for death. Individual reaches a point where they turn inward to withdraw from the external world. At this time we can say the terminal interval of existence has begun and will end at biological death
  2. white males
  3. not inherited but risk may be higher for family members who lose a close relative to suicide
  4. there is a need to understand why any death happened but in sudden death there is an especially strong interest
  5. families place on emotions and the kind of communication patterns that give a person permission to express feelings or not express feelings can affect mourning

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  1. Suicide definition 3the human act of self inflected self intentional cessation of life


  2. has the lowest ratewhite males


  3. explaining death to childrenREORGANIZATION


  4. children often feel guiltyover the loss of a sibling or parent


  5. WHAT TO SAY1. share your own religious belief
    2. speak in concrete terms rather than philosophical
    3. give them permission to cry and express emotions
    4. acknowledge when you don't know the answer