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Han Dynasty
6th Dynasty period
after han dynasty, consists of 3 kingdoms period and Jin dynasty
3 kingdoms period
wei shu wu kingdoms, during 6th dynasty period
wei shu wu
3 kingdoms in 3 kingdoms period
Jin Dynasty
a short dynasty during 6th dynasty period
northern wei dynasty
first foriegners rule china during this dynasty
(the rulers of the) northern wei dynasty (were)
(made land system during) northern wei dynasty
sui dynasty
short and mean dynasty
Yang jian
(reunified china into) sui dynasty
yang di
(continued what yang jian started in the) sui dynasty
tang dynasty
dynasty started by li shimin and li yuan
li yuan
(father of li shimin, slept with emperors concubine) tang dynasty
li shimin
(took power from his dad continued land system, civil service exam, mix of legalism and confucianism) tang dynasty
battle of talis
tang dynasty (fought arabs for trade routes and lost)
fubing system
(send peasants who need land out to make colonies, malitia if needed) tang dynasty
buddhist monastaries
tax free, supported by gov't, people sell land to them for lower price than taxes
civil service exam
reinstituted by li shimin, help poor get government jobs, subject is confucianism
empress wu
(founded the) zhou dynasty(, relationship with gao zong and li shimin)
gao zong
tang dynasty (son of emperor, when empress wu was comming to power)
zhou dynasty
dynasty created by empress wu
(lazy) tang dynasty (emperor)
Yang Guifei
(concubine of xuan zong and an lushan) tang dynasty
an lushan
(military general who had a relationship with yang guifei and tried to overthrow(revolt) xuanzong) tang dynasty
su zong
tang dynasty (son of xuanzong)
(helped su zong win the civil war) tang dynasty
huang chao revolt
(revolt of a person who repeatedly failed the civil service exam) tang dynasty
5 dynasty period
period of disunification after tang dynasty
song dynasty
after 5 dynasty period
zhao kuangying
song dynasty (decides the military was the reason for the fall of the tang dynasty and gives soldiers a bad reputation)
liao empire
(paid off by) song dynasty(so don't fight)
wang ansi
(experiments and helps make welfare state) song dynasty
welfare state
song dynasty (gov't safety net for people ex. hospitals, price/wage controls helped to be put in place by wang ansi)
song innovations
credit/checks, military improvements, bound feet
southern song dynasty
caused because of emperor hui zong and the jin dynasty
hui zong
emperor of the song dynasty that got tired of paying off the liao, so he paid the jurchens to attack the liao, so the liao got a bigger, stronger empire/ part of the song and made the jin dynasty
who hui zong paid off to attack the liao, and they also took part of the song making the jin dynasty
jin dynasty
the dynasty that was made by the jurchens made up of the liao empire and some of the song empire
ming dynasty
next dynasty after the yuan dynasty
nomads that want to take over china, ended up making a large empire quickly, which opened up trade, made peace, can't attack Europe and India b/c of climate, they attack quickly on horses
Gengis khan
controlled propaganda, divided people into larger and smaller groups, made commanders send son and sons best friend to him if commanders revolt son and friend are killed for loyalty and trained them to be commanders, took over the jin, khuriltai
democratic process where leaders vote on different issues
because zhao kuangying is confucian, everyone has to agree, called this
next mongol leader after Gengis khan died, put down revolts, built a capital karakorum, attacked Europeans(didn't work)
next mongol leader after orgodei, holds competition between religions, asks Hulegu to attack the ME and Khubilai to attack the Song dynasty
attacks the ME, military mastermind, dammed up river to Bagdhad, launches palm trees, locked the caliph in a room with no food and only gold, trampled royal family with horses in carpet(not spilling their blood was nice)
attacks Song China, creates the yuan dynasty (says that he has the mandate of heaven and that he is taking china to unite it and not add it to the Mongol empire), attacks Japan twice and fails because of kamikazi
who Khubiai attacks, but both times his ships are ruined/sunk by kamikazi
storms that sunk Khubilai's ships while they were attacking Japan twice
apart of japanese culture,bushido code, loyalty, bravery, honor
yuan dynasty
dynasty created by khubilai in china