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stop fighting

Big Four

Clemceau- France
Orlando- Italy
Lloyd george- Great Britan

January 1919

Paris Peace Conference

Who was NOT invited?

Russia and Germany

Clause 231

War guilt clause


policy of glorifying military power and keeping an army for war

alliance system

designed to keep peace in europe

Bismarck saw ___________ as the greatest threat to peace


Triple alliance

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy

Who forced Bismarck to resgin

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany

Triple Entente

Great Britain, France and Russia

Balkans aka

the power keg of Europe

Austria annexed _________ and ____________

Bosnia and Herzegovina

_____________ was assasined by Gavirilo Princip in __________

Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Sarajevo

Black Hand Society

a secret society trying to rid Bosnia of Austrian rule

Franz Ferdinand was the ____________

Austro-Hungarian heir

Austria declared war on ______ on July 28


August 1 German declared war on ___________ in response to their declaration of war on serbia (allies)


Germany also declared war on _________


Great Britain declared war on _________


Central Powers

Germany and Austria,Bulgaria and ottoman empire

Allied Powers

Great Britain, France, and Russia, japan and italy

region of northern France where the forces of the Allies and the Central powers battled each other

western front

Germany's military plan at the outbreak of WWI, defeating france fast then going and attacking russia

Schlieffen Plan


Schlieffen Plan needed to be a a) fast working plan. b) slow working plan c) none of the above

Allied powers attacked te germans norhteast of paris. Left Schlieffen plan in ruins

First Battle of Marne

Trench warfare

fighting in trenches

Western Front aka

terrain of death

new weapons

machine guns, poison gas, tanks, zepplines

Bloody battle when germans attacked French

battle of Verdun and battle of somme

WWI, region along the German- Russian border where allied powers battled central powers

Eastern Front

German counterattack

battle of tanneberg

Russia's major asset


attacking Dardanelles to get Constantinople and establishing russia a supply line

Gallipoli Campaign

Who gave up in the gallipolli campaign


The germans declared that they would sink any ships that were close to great britain without warning

unrestricted submarine warfare

What US passenger boat was sunk that had ammunition on it?

Lusitania, and 3 other ships

What caused Woodrow wilson to enter the USA into the war?

Zimmerman note

what day does the US enter the war?

APRIL 2, 1917 on the allies side

total war

all efforts go towards the war

limiting how much people could buy of supplies that could help the war


one sided information, used to persuade


Who steps down from the russian throne?

czar nicholas II

Who takes over russia


What did Lenin do for russia?

ended the war by singing the treaty of Brest- Litovsk

When germany almost won but the US sent in troops at the last moment

second battle of Marne

who stepped down from the german throne?

Kaiser Wilhelm II and declared russia republic

war ended

NOVEMBER 11 , 1918

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