36 terms

powerpoint ch 2

ch 2
office button
central location for managing and sharing doc.
clip collections
combine topic related clips into categories
format painter
allows you to copy all formatting to another object
single media file
shared collections
clips reside on a shared network file server
displace web page
allows you to search for clips
specifies the arrangement of placeholders on the slide
enlarging or reducing the size clip art graphic
office collections
contains all the media files included wih microsoft office
stripes and bars
use blinds and checkerboard patterns
quick styles
defined combinations of formatting options
use a pattern that changes each time you run the presentation
my collections
the media files you create are stored here
special visual and sound effects applied to text or content
sizing handles
small indicators are called _____ or move handles
web collections
clips reside on the microsoft web site
custom layout
if none of the standard layouts meets your needs, create a ...
push and cover
appear to move one slide off the screen
fill effects
add pattern and texture to a background
selection rectangle
a selected graphic appears surrounded by a ...
fades and dissolves
blend one slide seamlessly into the next
helps the letters display prominetly by adding a shadow
slide transition
animation effect used to progress from one slide to the next
layout gallery
using the ____, you can choose a slide layout
gently uncover one slide to reveal the next
what should be used decoratively
when you print handouts, the default slide print order is ...
______ styles have designs that may include color, shading, pattterns, and textures
web collections
the _________ clips reside on the microsoft clip art and media home page on the microsoft office online web site
layout view
using the ___________, you can choose one of nine layouts
graphics interchange format
windows bitmap
specifies the arragnement of placeholders on a slide
clip art
this task pane allows you to search for clips by using descriptive keywords, file names, media files formats, and clip collections
clip collections
_________ are used to combine topic related clips into catagories