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What is the definition of omniscience?

God is all knowing

What is the definition of omnipresence?

God is present everywhere at the same time. omni=all

True or False: God's omnipresence teaches that God will manifest himself in some places more than others.


True or False: God can do everything that is in harmony with His nature and perfection.


What does El mean?

The Strong One

What does Jehovah mean?

Lord: the self-existent one

What does Adonai mean?

Lord: Master

What does agnosticism affirm?

the impossibility of any true knowledge holding that all knowledge is relative and, therefore, uncertain.

To what does materialism give priority?

to matter, rather than the mind, in its explanations of the universe

What is Animism?

used in primitive religions to describe the existence of spiritual beings who "are held to affect or control the events of the material world, and man's life here and hereafter; and, it being considered that they hold intercourse with men, and receive pleasure or displeasure from human actions.

What does Polytheism believe?

the worship and belief in a multiplicity of gods

Define Henotheism.

recognizes one of many gods supreme over others

Define Tritheism.

the existence of three gods coequal in every respect, yet distinct deities and personalities

Define dualism and its aspects

Dualism: assumes that there are two distinct and irreducible substances or principles
1. In epistemology these are idea and object
2. In metaphysics, mind and matter
3. In ethics good and evil;

Define pantheism.

the theory which regards all finite things as merely aspects, modifications, or parts of one eternal and self-existent being; which views all material objects, and all particular minds, as necessarily derived from a single infinite substance.

Define idealism

Equates God with mental energy of the thinking process.

Define deism.

God is present in creation only by His power, no in His very being and nature. described as "absentee landlord" view of God

What are the three absolute attributes of God?

1. Holiness
2. Love
3. Goodness

What does the term "Spirit" mean when used to define God?

He is immaterial, incorporeal, and invisible

What does it mean that God is a person?

1. God has self-awareness and self-determination
2. God has the power of intellect
3. God has the power of emotions
4. God has the power of volition (the act of willing, choosing, or resolving; exercise of will)

What do most religions portray God as?

an impersonal Being or a force

What does it mean to say that God is immutable?

He cannot be changed by any thing from without himself; and the he will not change from any principle within himself.

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