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  1. Why did the Europeans control such a small portion of Africa in the 1800's?
  2. Chapter 26, Section2
  3. Reform Bill of 1832
  4. Irish Republican Army
  5. John Dalton
  1. a An unofficial nationalist military force seeking independence for Ireland from Great Britain
  2. b English chemist who developed the Atomic theory of matter through an experiment of gases. His theory states: A) All elements are composed of atoms and atoms can't be divided or destroyed. B) Atoms of the same element are exactly alike. C) Atoms of different elements are different from each other. D) The atoms of 2 or more elements can join together to form types of matter called compounds. (pg. 54)
  3. c Because powerful African armies prevented them from taking over more of Africa.
  4. d gave representation in parliament to growing towns, eliminated "rotten boroughs", suffrage to men who owned property
  5. e ...

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  1. prejudice against Jews
  2. Italian electrical engineer known as the father of radio (1874-1937)
  3. the idea, proposed by Charles Darwin in 1859, that species of plants and animals arise by means of a process of natural selection.
  4. Inventor of lightbulb, phonograph and numerous other innovations
  5. Belief that one racial group is superior to another

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  1. Alexander Graham BellThis event decimated the Irish population between 1845 and 1851. It was a result of blight due to fungus that struck the potato crop in Ireland during the summer of 1845.


  2. mass culturelocal control over internal matters only


  3. assembly linea production system with machines and workers arranged so that each person performs an assigned task again and again as the item passes before him or her.


  4. Chartist MovementUnsuccessful attempt by British artisans and workers to gain the vote during the 1840s.


  5. Why did the Boers and British fight over southern Africa?They were convicted criminals sent to a penal colony.