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  1. Zionism
  2. Guglielmo Marconi
  3. What are the main countries to which the Irish emigrated during the famine?
  4. Berlin Conference
  5. Henry Ford
  1. a United States, Britain, Canada and Austrailia.
  2. b 1863-1947. American businessman, founder of Ford Motor Company, father of modern assembly lines, and inventor credited with 161 patents.
  3. c A meeting from 1884-1885 at which representatives of European nations agreed on rules colonization of Africa
  4. d Italian electrical engineer known as the father of radio (1874-1937)
  5. e A worldwide movement, originating in the 19th century that sought to establish and develop a Jewish nation in Palestine. Since 1948, its function has been to support the state of Israel.

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  1. 1867-1934. Polish physicist and chemist. Pioneer in the field of radioactivity, and is the first and only person awarded the Nobel Prize in two different sciences.
  2. A colony to which convicts are sent as an alternative to prison.
  3. local control over internal matters only
  4. They were convicted criminals sent to a penal colony.
  5. Austrian neurologist who originated psychoanalysis (1856-1939)

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  1. Catholic Emancipation actInventor of lightbulb, phonograph and numerous other innovations


  2. theory of evolutionInventor of lightbulb, phonograph and numerous other innovations


  3. Joseph Listerfamous French scientist who invented pasteurization and formulated the germ concept of disease


  4. Aboriginesnative people of Australia


  5. imperialismBelief that one racial group is superior to another