Pathology Lab- CardioRush

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HCM (marked LV, IVS hypertrophy)What is the pathology in this cat heart?PDAWhat is the pathology?PDAWhat is the pathology?Vegetative lesion on aortic valveWhat is the pathology?HW disease with caval syndromeWhat is the pathology?Endocardiosis (thickening and deformation of the mitral valve leaflets)What is the pathology?Esophageal entrapment from PRARWhat is the pathology?LV hypertrophy, false chordae tendinaeWhat is the pathology?ASD (blue arrow shows septum secondum ASD, yellow arrow shows septum primum ASD)What is the pathology?Heart base tumorWhat is the pathology?Atrial muscular dystrophy (pacemaker present due to secondary atrial standstill)What is the pathology?ARVC (enlarged RV, pale areas where myocardium was replaced with adipose tissue)This is the heart of a boxer. What is the likely diagnosis?