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  1. canter
  2. jumping positon/half seat/ two point
  3. bridle
  4. post
  5. withers
  1. a the second fastest gait that has three beats
  2. b top of the neck
  3. c an object made out of leather that goes on the horse's head for riding
  4. d when you go up and down at the beats of the trot
  5. e when you lean a little forwards while standing up in the stirrups

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  1. the very bottom of the legs like a toe nail
  2. a girl horse
  3. a strip of leather and/or wool that goes behind the elbow that holds the saddle on
  4. the leather or nylon object that goes on the horses head that does not have a bit
  5. the tip of the face that has no hair

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  1. manea girl horse


  2. trotthe triangle part under the hoof you can only find it if you lift up the hoof


  3. yearlinga male horse who can't breed with mares


  4. breedtype of horse


  5. fillya baby girl horse