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  1. Psychosurgery
  2. Behavior Therapy
  3. Exposure Therapy
  4. Psychotherapy
  5. Aversive conditioning
  1. a treat extreme mental disorders ex:Lobotomies
  2. b exposes patients to things the fear and avoid. Through repeated exposures, anxiety lessens.
    aka systematic desensitization
  3. c therapy that applies learning principles to the elimination of unwanted behaviors
  4. d Ex: a drug you take that makes you nauseous when paired with alcohol. Supposed to dissuade alcoholics from drinking.
  5. e Emotionally charged confiding interaction between a trained therapist and someone who suffers psychological difficulties

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  1. *in EMDR therapy, the therapist attempts to unlock and reprocess previous frozen traumatic memories by waving a finger in front of the eyes of a client
    *EMDR has not held up under scientific testing
  2. Can't be proved of disproved
    Takes a long time and is expensive
    Best for people who are articulate
  3. Activating Event
    Irrational Belief
    Emotional Consequence
    Dispute Belief
    Replace With Effective Belief
    Feel Better
  4. Combines different psychotherapy techniques to suit the client.
  5. Unconditional positive regard- therapist supports you no matter what
    Active listening
    Gestalt Therapy (Empty chair dialogue)

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  1. Psychoanalytic MethodsCatharsis
    Insight or Understanding


  2. Floodingtreat extreme mental disorders ex:Lobotomies


  3. Commonalities Among PsychotherapiesHope for demoralized people
    A new perspective
    Empathetic, trusting and caring relationship


  4. Humanistic TheoriesFocus on the present and future: how do you feel now?
    Conscious thought
    Taking responsibility for feelings and actions
    Promoting growth


  5. Psychoanalysis: AimsCan't be proved of disproved
    Takes a long time and is expensive
    Best for people who are articulate