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  1. phases of hepatitis: icteric
  2. obstructive jaundice: intrahepatic
  3. cirrhosis: fibrosis
  4. portal HTN etiology
  5. hemolytic jaundice
  1. a rapid breakdown of RBCs => exceeds ability of liver to conjugate
    *inc unconjugated (indirect) bilirubin)
    *jaundice skin and sclera, pruritus
  2. b => portal HTN => ascites, edema, splenomegaly, varices

    => liver failure, hepatorenal failure => encaphalopathy => coma => death
  3. c hepatocyte/canal damage
    if severe: only inc unconjugated (indirect) bilirubin
    if not severe: inc conjugated (direct) bilirubin
  4. d jaundice phase; 2-6 wks
    s/s: jaundice, dark urine, pruritis, clay-colored stools (if obstruction)
    severe => hepatomegaly (tender/painful), s/s of inc estrogen/androgens, CNS changes
  5. e severe liver dz (cirrhosis, hepatitis) => alters microvascular structure of liver
    inc BP in portal venous system => >10mmHg

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  1. viral, bacterial, parasitic, EtOH, drugs, toxins, transfusion reaction, autoimmune
  2. acute: mild with few to no s/s
    severe => liver necrosis/failure => life threatening
    usually regenerate but may lead to cirrhosis and chronic liver problem
  3. indirect or unconjugated bilirubin
  4. => dec BS, ascites
  5. stones in common bile duct

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  1. #1 cause for liver transplantsaltered CHO, fat, protein (dec COP, dec Ig) metabolism
    altered vitamin/mineral (ADEK, some Bs, iron)
    altered clotting, absorption, manufacturing
    altered bilirubin metabolism, altered detox
    altered lymph formation


  2. phases of hepatitis: recoveryresolution of jaundice
    dec s/s but hepatomegaly and liver tenderness
    2-12 wks for normalization


  3. risk for gallbladder dzascites
    hypotension due to liver disease can lead to ATN (acute tubular necrosis) & oliguria
    altered Na concentration
    azotemia (inc BUN and inc creatinine)


  4. water soluble bilirubinindirect or unconjugated bilirubin


  5. hepatitis pathologyinflam of liver => varying severity of hepatic cell damage => kupffer cell hyperplasia => infiltration of phagocytes to necrosis and scarring => alters microvasculature => portal HTN => liver failure and death