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  1. hepatorenal syndrome
  2. cholecystitis pathology
  3. pancreatitis: autodigestion
  4. increase liver enzyems for liver pathology
  5. risk for gallbladder dz
  1. a inc amylase and inc lipase
  2. b inflammation of gallbladder
    dec blood flow => ischemia => necrosis and perforation
    stones often present in cystic duct
  3. c obesity, middle age, female, familial
  4. d ascites
    hypotension due to liver disease can lead to ATN (acute tubular necrosis) & oliguria
    altered Na concentration
    azotemia (inc BUN and inc creatinine)
  5. e ALT/SGPT is most sensitive
    alkaline phosphatase

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  1. EtOH
    biliary blockage
  2. clay-colored stools
    jaundice skin
  3. portal HTN => dec liver metab => inc ammonia/toxin => blood and BBB => GIB byproducts => irritability, convulsions, coma
  4. injury/obstruction of pancreatic ducts or acini => leakage of panc enz into panc tissue => acute inflammation and autodigestion pancrease => toxic enz released into blood => damage other vessels/organs (third spacing)
  5. fever
    inc WBC (inc bands)

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  1. hepatitis s/sacute: mild with few to no s/s
    severe => liver necrosis/failure => life threatening
    usually regenerate but may lead to cirrhosis and chronic liver problem


  2. phases of hepatitis: prodromalresolution of jaundice
    dec s/s but hepatomegaly and liver tenderness
    2-12 wks for normalization


  3. cholestatic obstructive syndrome locationsin gallbladder, common bile duct, common bile duct and pancreatic duct


  4. toxic hepatitis riskspoisonous mushrooms
    analgesics (tylenol, NSAIDs), anesthetics, statins, some anticonvulsants, anti-fungal, antibiotics
    anabolic steroids, anti-HTN, some herbs, industrial/chemicals/pesticides/herbicides


  5. hepatitis Btransmission: sexual, parental/body fluids, vertical (placental)
    HBsAg, HBcAg, HBeAg
    anti-HBs, anti-HBc, anti-HBe
    5-10% chronicity
    60 days incubation


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