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  1. pancreatitis: autodigestion
  2. toxic hepatitis risks
  3. hepatitis C
  4. hepatorenal syndrome
  5. hepatitis A
  1. a transmission: parental/body fluids, sexual, vertical
    s/s: absent but LFT positive for HCV
    HC antigen and anti-HCV antibody
    90% chronicity
    20% => cirrhosis
  2. b inc amylase and inc lipase
  3. c ascites
    hypotension due to liver disease can lead to ATN (acute tubular necrosis) & oliguria
    altered Na concentration
    azotemia (inc BUN and inc creatinine)
  4. d transmission: FECAL-ORAL
    hep A antigen
    anti-HAV antibody
    NO chronicity
    30 days incubation
  5. e higher risk if older, have liver dz, drink EtOH, femal, genetic liver enz defects

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  1. inc liver enzymes 1-2 wks before jaundice
    inc bilirubin (bilirubinemia => bilirubinuria)
    prolonged prothrombin time (ACUTE)
    seroligic marker (antigen presence)
    anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, transient hypo/hyperglycemia
  2. poisonous mushrooms
    analgesics (tylenol, NSAIDs), anesthetics, statins, some anticonvulsants, anti-fungal, antibiotics
    anabolic steroids, anti-HTN, some herbs, industrial/chemicals/pesticides/herbicides
  3. RBC destruction by macrophage => heme + globin

    globin => amino acid pool
    heme => iron => transferrin => ferritin

    heme => biliverdin
  4. lungs
    kidneys => dec GFR => vasoactive peptides => myocardial depression => shock
    biliary obstruction
    peritoneum => peritonitis => shock
    paralytic ileus => N/V
  5. => biliverdin => unconjugated bilirubin (insoluble/indirect) => bound to albumin for transport to liver => CONJUGATED with glucuronic acid (water soluble/direct) => ileum/colon (bacteria) => urobilinogen => bowel (brown feces) => plasma => kidney (yellow urine)

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  1. portal HTN etiologysevere liver dz (cirrhosis, hepatitis) => alters microvascular structure of liver
    inc BP in portal venous system => >10mmHg


  2. phases of hepatitis: ictericresolution of jaundice
    dec s/s but hepatomegaly and liver tenderness
    2-12 wks for normalization


  3. obstructive jaundice: intrahepaticclay-colored stools
    jaundice skin


  4. pancreatitis riskEtOH
    biliary blockage


  5. effects of liver pathologiesinflam of liver => varying severity of hepatic cell damage => kupffer cell hyperplasia => infiltration of phagocytes to necrosis and scarring => alters microvasculature => portal HTN => liver failure and death