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  1. choledocholithiasis
  2. cholecystitis pathology
  3. effects of liver pathologies
  4. hepatitis A
  5. chronic pancreatitis
  1. a stones in common bile duct
  2. b transmission: FECAL-ORAL
    hep A antigen
    anti-HAV antibody
    NO chronicity
    30 days incubation
  3. c inflammation of gallbladder
    dec blood flow => ischemia => necrosis and perforation
    stones often present in cystic duct
  4. d DM and cancer of pancreas
  5. e altered CHO, fat, protein (dec COP, dec Ig) metabolism
    altered vitamin/mineral (ADEK, some Bs, iron)
    altered clotting, absorption, manufacturing
    altered bilirubin metabolism, altered detox
    altered lymph formation

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  1. => dec BS, ascites
  2. bleeding: varices => mild (melena) or severe (rupture red/coffe-ground = life threatening)
    bleeding: dec Vit K => dec clotting
    anemia: bleeding, dec storage B vit, dec Fe storage
  3. obesity, middle age, female, familial
  4. injury/obstruction of pancreatic ducts or acini => leakage of panc enz into panc tissue => acute inflammation and autodigestion pancrease => toxic enz released into blood => damage other vessels/organs (third spacing)
  5. rapid breakdown of RBCs => exceeds ability of liver to conjugate
    *inc unconjugated (indirect) bilirubin)
    *jaundice skin and sclera, pruritus

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  1. hepatitis pathologyinflam of liver => varying severity of hepatic cell damage => kupffer cell hyperplasia => infiltration of phagocytes to necrosis and scarring => alters microvasculature => portal HTN => liver failure and death


  2. toxic hepatitishigher risk if older, have liver dz, drink EtOH, femal, genetic liver enz defects


  3. pancreatitis: other organ damageslungs
    kidneys => dec GFR => vasoactive peptides => myocardial depression => shock
    biliary obstruction
    peritoneum => peritonitis => shock
    paralytic ileus => N/V


  4. obstructive jaundice: extrahepaticstone/tumor CBD
    inc conjugated (direct) bilirubin


  5. cholelithiasis s/ssevere pain RUQ abd
    inc WBC
    inc bilirubin
    inc alkaline phospatase