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  1. Kupffer cells function
  2. composition of enzymes in gastric juice
  3. secretions of the small intestine
  4. innervation of alimentray canal
  5. esophagus function to aid w digestion
  1. a about 1-2 L/day of intestinal juice
  2. b secretes mucus to aid in passage of food
  3. c remove bacteria and debris from the blood
  4. d pepsin and gastric lipase
  5. e sympathetic division and parasympathetic division

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  1. acidic environments
  2. between fundic & the pyloric regions,
  3. contract, LENGTH of the tube decreases
  4. carbohydrate digestion, splits disaccharide sucrose
  5. digestive enzymes

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  1. how vitamins are absorbed in sm intestineproducts of digestion, electrolytes, water, vitamins


  2. converted in stomach by HCLarteriole, capillary network, venule, lacteal, capillaries absrob non fat nutrients and lacteals absorb fat (lymph capillaries)


  3. parts of the stomachrounded area, bulges up & to the left


  4. gastric lipase function of gastric juice enzymedigests fats, mostly milk fats


  5. duodenumshortest segment of the small intestine, descends down the right side of abdominal cavity