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  1. protease
  2. villi of the small intestine
  3. amylase
  4. sympathetic stimulation
  5. function of goblet cells
  1. a stimulates quantity of mainly mucus secretions
  2. b mucus secreting
  3. c an enzyme that digests protein
  4. d starch
  5. e finger like projection 0.2- 1.0 mm tall that extends into the lumen from the mucosal surface

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  1. food does not pass through them
  2. No, so study your ass off!
  3. micelles enter absorptive cells of small intestine
  4. (goblet cells) secrete mucus
  5. these ****** notes

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  1. pH is low & gastrin not presentwhen stomach is empty


  2. peptidasesan enzyme that digests protein


  3. esophagusthe passageway for food from the pharynx to the stomach


  4. 2 types of epithelial cells in small intestinesimple columnar and goblet


  5. zymogensthe outermost layer of the alimentary canal


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