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  1. 2/3 of the stomach
  2. stimulates secretion of gastric juice
  3. zymogens
  4. stomach
  5. ileum
  1. a body
  2. b J shaped organ in the left superior portion of abdominal cavity
  3. c all proteases that are secreted in INACTIVE form
  4. d last segment of the small intestine with length of 1.6-2.7 meters
  5. e hormonal regulation of gastric secretion

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  1. innermost layer of alimentary canal wall
  2. mixing food with saliva
  3. secrete digestive enzymes into the alimentary
  4. hormone secreted by cells in the gastric glands
  5. carries out absorption

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  1. hormonal regulation of gastric secretionhormonal regulation of gastric secretion


  2. villi of the small intestinefinger like projection 0.2- 1.0 mm tall that extends into the lumen from the mucosal surface


  3. function of mucus in gastric juicepepsin and gastric lipase


  4. joins the large intestine & small intestineduodenum, jejunum and ileum


  5. osmosishow water is absorbed in small intestine