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  1. composition of enzymes in gastric juice
  2. zymogens
  3. serosa
  4. primary major function of liver for digestion
  5. 5 cells that are contained in gastric glands
  1. a secretion of bile
  2. b mucous cells, chief cells, parietal cells, regenerative cells, enteroendocrine cells
  3. c all proteases that are secreted in INACTIVE form
  4. d pepsin and gastric lipase
  5. e the outermost layer of the alimentary canal

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  1. just inferior to the diaphragm
  2. descends through the thorax just left of trachea (behind it) and passes through diaphragm thru esophageal hiatus
  3. a glycoprotein secreted by parietal cells
  4. about i micrometer tall, microscopic folds of cell membranes that extend from columnar epithelial cells lining the small intestine, brush the borders
  5. liver

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  1. neural regulationparasympathetic impulse from the vagus nerve stimulate gastrin production and gastric secretion


  2. enzymatic secretioncontains the enzymes amylase and lingual lipase


  3. pancreatic amylasesplits complex carbs into dissacharides


  4. Salivary glands, liver, pancreas, gall bladdermade up of 4 layers


  5. small intestinecoiled tube about 2.7-4.5 meters long (21 feet)