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  1. hepatocytes function
  2. largest visceral organ
  3. gastric lipase function of gastric juice enzyme
  4. circular folds of the small intestine
  5. secretions of the small intestine
  1. a about 1-2 L/day of intestinal juice
  2. b circular folds of mucosa, slow chyme down to increase digestion
  3. c secrete albumin, clotting factors, hormones and also removes nutrients from blood for storage
  4. d liver
  5. e digests fats, mostly milk fats

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  1. remove bacteria and debris from the blood
  2. lipids
  3. by diffusion using cotransporters- amino acids, simple carbohydrates, fatty acids
  4. esophagus
  5. mucus of gastric juice

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  1. 2-3 liters Q24hrsamount of gastric juice secreted by the stomach


  2. VitB binds to ___ when liberated from foodvitamins that are absorbed in sm intestine with dissolving of lipids


  3. 3 parts that make up the small intestinelargest in the duodenum & then becomes smaller, & is covered with 2 kinds of epithelial cells


  4. chylomicronshas endocrine and exocrine functions


  5. small intestine anatomycoiled tube about 2.7-4.5 meters long (21 feet)


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