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  1. protease is function for
  2. types of liver cells
  3. secretions of the small intestine
  4. innervation of alimentray canal
  5. Kupffer cells in the liver
  1. a about 1-2 L/day of intestinal juice
  2. b trypsin, chymotrypsin and carboxypeptidase
  3. c sympathetic division and parasympathetic division
  4. d hepatocytes and Kupffer cells
  5. e hepatic macrophages

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  1. neural regulation of gastric secretions
  2. parotid, submandibular, sublingual
  3. amount of gastric juice secreted by the stomach
  4. through hepatic ducts into common hepatic duct
  5. starch

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  1. mostly secreted by mucosadigestive enzymes


  2. mouth's functionsecretes gastric juice or secretions


  3. pancreatic ductsplits triglycerides into fatty acids or monoglycerides


  4. largest visceral organliver


  5. parts of the stomachrounded area, bulges up & to the left