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  1. type of tissue that forms serosa
  2. submucosa characteristic
  3. hepatocytes function
  4. C and B complex EXCEPT for B12
  5. 2 types of epithelial cells in small intestine
  1. a epithelia and connective tissue
  2. b simple columnar and goblet
  3. c mostly loose connective tissue
  4. d the vitamins that are water soluable and are absorbed by diffusion in sm intestine
  5. e secrete albumin, clotting factors, hormones and also removes nutrients from blood for storage

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  1. starch
  2. produce new cells
  3. pancreatic juice
  4. digestive enzymes
  5. accessory organs

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  1. major salivary glandsamount of gastric juice secreted by the stomach


  2. composition of enzymes of sm intestine secretionshormonal and neural


  3. function of goblet cellsmucus secreting


  4. stimulates secretion of gastric juiceenzymes, hydrochloric acid, mucus, salts, water, intrinsic factor


  5. gastric lipasehormone secreted by cells in the gastric glands