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  1. secretion of bile in the liver
  2. lower part of the intestinal crypts
  3. parts of the stomach
  4. ends with the pyloric sphincter
  5. micelles
  1. a through hepatic ducts into common hepatic duct
  2. b fatty acids, monoglycerides, cholesterol and fat soluable vitamins form droplets coated in bile salts called ______
  3. c diving cells, need constant resupply of epithelial cells
  4. d cardiac region, fundic region, body, pyloric region
  5. e pyloric region

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  1. secretes serous fluid for lubrication
  2. filled with areolar tissue (lamina propria)
  3. middle segment of the small intestine with length of 1- 1.7 meters (3-4 feet)
  4. contains glands (ex. mucus) blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerves
  5. begins digestion

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  1. pancreashas endocrine and exocrine functions


  2. lingual lipaselipids


  3. intestinal lipasefat digestion, splits lipids into fatty acids and glycerol


  4. intestinal cryptspores of the circular folds of the small intestine open into tubular glands called ______


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