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  1. composition of gastric juice
  2. types of secretions from the salivary gland
  3. gastric pits function
  4. VitB binds to ___ when liberated from food
  5. intestinal lipase
  1. a intrinsic factor
  2. b enzymatic and mucous
  3. c enzymes, hydrochloric acid, mucus, salts, water, intrinsic factor
  4. d secretes gastric juice or secretions
  5. e fat digestion, splits lipids into fatty acids and glycerol

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  1. filled with areolar tissue (lamina propria)
  2. absorptive cells rebuild these into triglcerides, package these with phospholipids and proteins into ____
  3. diving cells, need constant resupply of epithelial cells
  4. the vitamins that are water soluable and are absorbed by diffusion in sm intestine
  5. several meters long, depending on species

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  1. small intestinestarch


  2. passes thru diaphragm thru esophageal hitusmade up of 4 layers


  3. pepsinthe outermost layer of the alimentary canal


  4. parasympathetic divisionis not a very active enzyme in an acidic environment


  5. major salivary glandsfood does not pass through them