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  1. mucous secretions in mouth
  2. maltase
  3. what the ****...
  4. neural regulation
  5. fundic region of the stomach
  1. a rounded area, bulges up & to the left
  2. b contains mucus which binds food together nad lubricates to aid in swallowing, leads to formation of a bolus of food
  3. c carbohydrate digestion, splits disaccharide maltose
  4. d these ****** notes
  5. e parasympathetic impulse from the vagus nerve stimulate gastrin production and gastric secretion

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  1. micelles enter absorptive cells of small intestine
  2. largest in the duodenum & then becomes smaller, & is covered with 2 kinds of epithelial cells
  3. secrete hydrochloric acid and intrinsic factor
  4. No, so study your ass off!
  5. the outermost layer of the alimentary canal

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  1. bile is secreted into gallbladderthe one of the 2 layers that make up the muscular layer of the alimentary canal. causes the length of the tube to decrease


  2. intrinsic factor functioncontract, DIAMETER of the tube decreases


  3. pH is low & gastrin not presentenzymes, hydrochloric acid, mucus, salts, water, intrinsic factor


  4. cardiac region of the stomachcardiac region, fundic region, body, pyloric region


  5. pancreas functionfunctions as an exocrine gland in digestion