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  1. Workers' Compensation it was called:
  2. Subscriber:
  3. Preferred providers:
  4. International Classification of Diseases (ICD):
  5. SOAP stands for:
  1. a a classification system used to collect data for statistical purposes
  2. b person in whose name the insurance policy is issued
  3. c 1908 - workmen compensation
  4. d PPO
  5. e S-Subjective

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  1. provide better access to health insurance, limit fraud & abuse, & reduce administrative costs.
  2. the percentage the patient pays for covered services after the deductible has been met & the copayment has been paid
  3. grants prior approval for reimbursement of a healthcare service
  4. reimbursement methodology that increases payment if the healthcare service fees increase, if multiple units of service are provided, or if more expensive services are provided instead of less expensive services
  5. coverage for catastrophic or prolonged illness & injuries

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  1. First Blue Cross policy:they paid monthly fees to medical service bureaus, which were composed of groups of physicians


  2. What year Blue Shield started:1939


  3. DRG's:prospective payment system that reimburses hospitals for impatient stays


  4. Preauthorization:prior approval


  5. Capitation:provision in an insurance policy that requires the policy holder or patient to pay a specified dollar amount to a healthcare provider for each visit or medical service received


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