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  1. Who developed ICD:
  2. Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO):
  3. Preauthorization:
  4. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO):
  5. Managed Care Organizations (MCO):
  1. a World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948
  2. b provides comprehensive healthcare services to voluntarily enrolled members on a prepaid basis
  3. c grants prior approval for reimbursement of a healthcare service
  4. d provides benefits to subscribers who are required to receive services from network providers
  5. e is responsible for the health of a group of enrollees & can be a health plan.

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  1. prospective payment system that reimburses hospitals for impatient stays
  2. the percentage the patient pays for covered services after the deductible has been met & the copayment has been paid
  3. patients are free to use the managed care panel of providers or self-refer to non-managed care providers
  4. PPO
  5. 1908 - workmen compensation

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  1. Discharge planning:arranging appropriate healthcare services for discharged patients.


  2. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO):responsible for providing healthcare services to subscribers in a given geographical area for a fixed fee.


  3. Deductible:person in whose name the insurance policy is issued


  4. First Blue Cross policy:introduced a plan to guarantee school teachers 21 days of hospital care for 46 a year.


  5. Blue Shield:they paid monthly fees to medical service bureaus, which were composed of groups of physicians