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Ottoman Empire

Quiz questions,"Qadi and the Fortune Teller", "The Janissary Tree", terms, etc.
"The Janissary Tree": Yashim chases an assassin into...
a tannery
"The Janissary Tree": Yashim finds more clues to the existence of a fourth Karagoz:
tekke (center of a Sufi brotherhood)
"The Janissary Tree": One of the clues is a map, another is a painting of...
"The Janissary Tree": makes love with...
the wife of the Russian ambassador
"The Janissary Tree": Meanwhile, there is an official reception at...
the palace
"The Janissary Tree": We learn over the course of the novel that the review of the New Guard is also timed to coincide with release of a sultanic...
reform edict
"The Janissary Tree": In the fourth tower/tekke, Yashim was searching but ended up being close to a city gate with Janissaries where...
Janissaries had entered the city to conquer it
"The Janissary Tree": 4th New Guard body turn up in a market on a...
barbeque spit
"The Janissary Tree": Yashim almost died in a...
"The Janissary Tree": Yashim was saved by the keen observations of...
"The Janissary Tree": Turns out the jewels were stolen by...
a harem girl
"The Janissary Tree": Turns out Kislar Agha was involved in league with...
the Janissaries
"The Janissary Tree": Kislar Agha was murdered by...
"The Janissary Tree": The seraskier wanted to see an end to...
the sultanate
"The Janissary Tree": True or False, the sultan is killed at the end of the novel.
Who is the main character in "The Janissary Tree"?
Ten years before the events that take place in "The Janissary Tree", the sultan had trained his gunners on...
the janissaries
"The Janissary Tree": One soldier's body is found in a...
soup caldron
"The Janissary Tree": The main character has a friend who is a European diplomat from...
"The Janissary Tree": The Bosphorus Strait connects two bodies of the water: the ___________ Sea to the north and the Sea of ___________________ to the south which itself is connected to the mediterranean Sea via the Dardenelles.
Golden Horn Sea, Sea of Mara Mara
"The Janissary Tree": Preen, one of Yashim's friends, is a...
a man who dresses as a woman
"The Janissary Tree": What belonged to a French leader are missing from the harem belonged to...
"The Janissary Tree": The karagozi(dance) sect was popular among...
the janissaries
"The Janissary Tree": A foreign military attache was seen with the four missing New Guard soldiers before they disappeared. He was...
"The Janissary Tree": In addition to their military roles, Janissaries also performed the task of...
fire fighters
True or False: The rebels who ought to secede form the Ottoman Empire during the 19th century were following in a tradition of efforts to break away form the Empire that goes back to the empire's founding.
True or False: Before losses during the 19th century, the majority of Ottoman subjects lived in the empire's European provinces.
Name 3 specific countries(not regions) that either split entirely from the Ottoman Empire or achieve some kind of autonomy or independence during the 19th century.
Greece, Egypt, Arabia
Aside from Austria, which European state was the main adversary of the Ottomans during the 19th century?
True or False: During the period of reform of the central state during the 19th century, the Ottoman embraced European administrative, military and technical expertise.
True or False: During the 19th century, Ottoman sultans were able to rule unchecked by the bureaucracy.
True or False: The Ottoman reforms(known as the Tanzimat) eliminated Muslim legal privileges over non-Muslims.
True or False: There was more sectarian (inter-communal) violence in the Ottoman Empire during the 19th century than in previous centuries.
Name on specific ethnic or religious group that was the victim of the inter-communal violence during the 19th century:
True or False: European economic control over the Ottoman Empire increases in the 19th century.
When the sultan "eliminate" the Janissaries?
In what year does the Sultan die, making the Grand Vizier head honcho of the Empire? What is it known as?
1839, Edict of Gulhane
In what year does the Edict of Reform (Isiahat Fermani) take place?
In what year does the (Parliamentary) constitution written?
What war caused an emigration wave in the Ottoman Empire's major regions and cities?
Crimean war
What European powers fought in the Crimean War to gain declining Ottoman territories in 1853-56?
Russian empire vs. the French, British, Ottoman Alliance
When did the Tanzimat Period take place?
In what period did a series of constitutional reforms like modern factories and conscripted army?
Tanzimat period
What kind of reforms did the Tanzimat period encourage?
Modern factories, conscripted armies, replacement of guilds, promise of equality regardless of ethnicity or religion.
When was the "Basic Law" Constitution written?
Who wrote the "Basic Law" constitution?
Young, educated Ottomans
What did the "Basic Law" constitution promise?
Equality among Ottoman citizens regardless of ethnicity or religion
In the 17th century, what causes the Ottoman balance shift towards more power towards European powers?
Wealth of the "New World"
When does Napoleon's invasion of Egypt take place?
When does did the military series of losses begin? End?
1683, 1798
Name a Ottoman-Russian war in the 17th century.
Crimean war, 1689.
What treaty sealed the losses for the ottomans?
Treaty of Karlowitz
In 1699, the Sultan surrendered __________, __________, and ___________ to Austria's Hapsburg family.
Translyvania, Croatia, Slovenia
What caused a dramatic change in foreign policy after OE's military losses?
Europeans took control of both capitals and the territory after the losses
The Crimean War caused an alliance between ________, _________, and ________against Russia.
France, Britain and OE
What kind of gov't skills were favored over warrior skills?
Administrative and financial
What time period symbolized crossed-cultural barrowings b/w Europe, OE and East Asia during 1713-30?
Tulip period
How were foreigners treated before the 18th century?
foreigners had many privileges versus OE citizens like tax-exemption and abiding by their country's laws rather than OE's
How were foreigners treated after the 18th century?
Had little to no more privileges to noble OE citizens
What was "new" in OE during the 18th century?
technology, int'l banking, higher levels of education, global market, new army
What was the Edict of Gulhane, 1839?
Appoints grand vizier as the head of state, promised reforms like equality of religion
What was the Edict of Reform, 1856?
Promised equality in education, gov't appointments, and administration of justice to all
What treaty influenced the Edict of Reform?
Treaty of Paris, 1856
List the constitutional reforms of 1876.
Replacement of guilds with modern factories, conscripted army, banking system, higher education levels