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agranular, granular

The two types of leukocytes are?

basophil, eosinophil, neutrophil

The three types of granular leukocytes are?

lymphocyte, monocyte

The two types of agranular leukocytes are?


What is the most abundant WBC?

corpuscles, plasma, WBC, RBC, platelets

Blood breaks into two main groups; _____ and _____- and three subgroups _____, _____, ______

dilates, contracts, air

Histamin ______ blood vessels and ______ muscles in ___ passageways.


Which granular leukocyte has no stain?


Which granular leukocyte does have a stain?


Which granular leukocyte has a BLUE stain?


Which granular leukocyte has a multi-lobed nucleus?


Which granular leukocyte has a bi-lobed nucleus?


Which granular leukocyte has a U-shaped nucleus?


_______ is the first responder to infection.

bacteria, phagocytosis

Neutrophil engulfs ______ via _______

allergic reactions, parasitic worm infections

Eosinophil increases during ______ ________ and ________ ____ _________.

site of the injury, histamin

Basophil goes to the ____ __ ___ ______ and releases ________.


Which agranular leukocyte is the largest?

tissue, macrophages

Monocyte Functions (3 altogether): Enter _____ and become even larger ________.

pathogens, phagocytosis

Monocyte Functions (3 altogether): Eat _______ via ________.

Stimulate, defend

Monocyte Functions (3 altogether): ______ other WBC to ______ the body.

B, T

The two types of lymphocytes are what?

antibody, protection

B-lymphocytes are ________ __________.

antibodies, b-lymphocyte

What is produced in response to foreign bodies? And where are they generally located?

destroy cells, foreign antigens

T-lymphocytes ________ _______ with _________ __________.


An __________ is found on a foreign body and stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies.

fragmented, megakaryocytes, nucleus

Platelets are made from _______ cells called __________ and have no _______.


When there is less than 50,000 platelets/cmm this is called _________.

initiate, clotting, repair, vessels

The functions of platelets are to _______ blood ________ and ________ blood __________.

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