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Social Indicators

group data: agragate data
white collar: high prestige
blue collar: very little respect


measured by household/individual (annual) class polarization


more stable than income


everyone has equal effect to policy

Concentration of media ownership

hand full corps for people deciding the content of programming. Ex: see hear, exposed (owned by big business)

research institutes

(aka "thinktanks") private funded organiations. Embalance (same institutes over and overgain)


not imbalanced

Schools socialize ino maintain ideology

Glorify, paint history of the U.S. ex: pages against genocial war, slavery (4pgs) Greatest nation/crusaders of freedom.


refers to a social process where by a group is defned as interior. Racial stereotypes exist in our minds, but they are socially constructed. ex: use of ethnic slurs, ethnic jokes like gypsy (cheat)


refers to material conditions of a society. A group is denied the same opportunities and access to resources compared to majority. ex: cutting in school budget, wage gap, unequal access to healthcare and substandard housing.

Ideology in the U.S

as a land of opportunity "economic opportunity". Individuals should be industrial and competitive.


role by merit generally people get what they deserve distribution of rewards in generally fair and equitable.

Roosevelt (Social security Program)

get people out of poverty with the exception of farmers and domestics.

Levit Town

suburbia (1947-1948) undermine new suburbs if blacks were given housing in Levit Town (lower revenue)

Poor (classism)

part of the working class, vulnerable population. Tend to be ignored from the majority (subordinated + exploitated)


the instable socializer (shapes us/ reflects society)
-structure (linguistic sexism: mr. mrs. miss)
-speech patterns (males:monotone; no uncertainty and females; intination:uncertainty)
-conversation style: males talk more and interupt. Women emotion and feelings.

Redneck (classism)

poor white trash, hick, dirt poor, trailer trash (poor people, working class, homelessnessincrease economy).


system of inequality based on some trait which includes subordination and exploitation.

Classism + Racism


Keith + Cedric

differences on African Americans: access resources/ achievement. Based on skin tone. lighter skin color: higher the income/edu. and life chances W-80yrs. AA-just over 70 yrs.

Individual Discrimination

individuals or small groups that engage and do harm to other groups. ex: veterans gov jobs, mostly men: against women.

Institutional Discrimination

procedures of operating agencies work for some people, exclude others. Does not involve prejudice people.


obvious discrimination ex: jim crow laws, denying women the right to vote.


present but dont notice unless thinking about it.


have to do something so its visible b/c its genearlly not.

white attitudes

resistance to white population of blacks/very low.


major 1/2 of all BMAS (Medicine Bio Majors) relegated to lower ranks family/aid.


a handfull women in certain positions (visible) women achieved equality ex: women on top a bull dolzer. Wage gap. Feminization of poverty gender typing in specific occupation.

Jeanne Block: wings

boys are taught to challenge independent, active problem solvers, and freedom to explore

Jeanne Block: roots

foster closeness, discourage independence, problem solving by interfering, restrict exploration and discourage active play.

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