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traits of a good counselor

empathy, respect, warmth, genuiness, concreteness, self-disclosure, potency, self-actualization

4 primary steps in designing a formal, comprehensive exercise program

medical health screening, hysical fitness testing, selection of exercise mode, design of an exercise program for total fitness

biggest challenge you face as a personal trainer

motivating clients to adhere to their exercise programs

after client completes a health screening questionnaire, what categories are they placed in?

low risk, moderate risk, high risk

3 progression stages defined by ACSM?

initial conditioning stage, improvement conditioning stage, maintenance conditioning stage


a hormone secreted into the bloodstream by the pancreas that helps regulate carbohydrate metabolism

best treatment for type 2 diabetes

diet modification, medication, and exercise therapy

movements that clients diagnosed with low back pain should avoid

unsuported forward flexion, twisting at the waist with turned feet, lifting both legs at the same time in a prone supine position, rapid twisting, and forward flexion or hyperextending movements

what should you be sure to include when designing a weight-training program for an individual with high blood pressure, arthritis, or heart disease?

an extended warm up and cool down

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