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a changeof the u.s.constittution


consisting of the two houses in a legislature

cabinet powers

power shared between the state and federal goverment

checks and branches

the systeme in which each branch of goverment has a chek on the other two branches so that no one branch has too much power

concurent powers

power shared between the state and federal goverment


people that the members of congress represent


a formal set of laws outlining how a country is run


a formal meeting


a goverment where the people directly participate in the goverment


a leader who rules with toyal authority

due process of law

the idea that goverment leaders must follow goverment

enumerated powers

power reserved for the federal goverment

executive branch

branch of goverment, heaed by the president, that carries out the laws


shaering power between the federal and thee state goverments

house of representatives

part of the lehislative branch where the number of representatives is based on a state's population


formally charge a public official with misconduct in office

judicial branch

the branch of the gover ment

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