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SbS (Buck) 2011 Medical Coding ICD9
The three volumes of ICD-9-CM are:
Volume 1-Diseases: Tabular List,
Volume 2-Diseases: Alphabetic Index,
Volume 3-Procedures: Tabular List and Alphabetic Index
ICD-9-CM codes are updated at least:
Symbols, abbreviations, punctuation, and notations in ICD-9-CM are called:
The abbreviation ICD-9-CM means:
International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition, Clinical Modification
What does NOS mean?
Not otherwise specified
Codes that have mandatory fifth digits are:
Codes that always require a fifth-digit to fully describe them.
How many appendices does ICD-9-CM contain in the Tabular List of Volume 1?
True or False:
ICD-9-CM codes are required on the claim by payers in order to pay the claims.
True or False:
When a code is listed inside slanted brackets, you must sequence that code after the underlying condition code.
True or False:
Three-digit codes (such as 250) are category codes.
In the Alphabetic Index of Volume 2, ICD-9-CM, nonessential modifiers are:
Terms enclosed in parentheses that have no effect on the selection of the code listed for the main term
All ICD-9-CM codes must be supported by:
Documentation in the medical record
The ICD-9-CM manual was developed based on a text by which organization?
World Health Organization (WHO)
What volume of the ICD-9-CM is used by hospitals to report inpatient procedures?
Volume 3
What other term does the Alphabetic Index, Volume 2, instruct you to check for under Petit's disease?
See also Hernia, Lumbar
True or False:
The term Excludes means the conditions listed are NOT included in the code choice.
What box are ICD-9 codes entered in on the CMS- 1500 Claim form?
Block 21
True or False:
The term in bold face print in the Alphabetic Index is called a subterm
True or False:
The phrase "see also" is used as a cross-reference
What is the correct code for a not otherwise specified headache?
What was the original goal for the ICD-9
To record patient morbidity (illness) and mortality (death) for statistical purposes
What are the current goals of ICD-9?
Facilitate payment of health services,
Evaluate patient's use of health care facilities,
Study health care costs,
Research the quality of health care,
Predict health care trends,
Plan for future health care needs
What is the primary goal for billing procedures?
To justify why they are being performed.
How many digits does a category code have
How many digits does a subcategory code have
How many digits does a subclassification code have
What are essential modifiers
Word or phrase that changes the code selection
What are nonessential modifiers
Word or phrase that does not change the code selection
What does NEC stand for
Not elsewhere classifiable
What are slanted brackets used for
Enclose an additional code which must be used
What is the main term in Tinea Pedis
What is an Eponym
Condition named after a person
What is the main term in the diagnosis abdominal pain
What is a main term
Word or condition used to look up a diagnosis which is in bold print