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  1. ICD-9-CM codes are updated at least:
  2. How many digits does a subcategory code have
  3. What is the main term in Tinea Pedis
  4. What is the primary goal for billing procedures?
  5. What other term does the Alphabetic Index, Volume 2, instruct you to check for under Petit's disease?
  1. a Tinea
  2. b Annually
  3. c See also Hernia, Lumbar
  4. d To justify why they are being performed.
  5. e 4

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  1. True
  2. False
  3. Enclose an additional code which must be used
  4. Not otherwise specified
  5. 5

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  1. What are essential modifiersWord or phrase that changes the code selection


  2. True or False:
    The phrase "see also" is used as a cross-reference


  3. How many digits does a subclassification code have5


  4. In the Alphabetic Index of Volume 2, ICD-9-CM, nonessential modifiers are:Terms enclosed in parentheses that have no effect on the selection of the code listed for the main term


  5. What is the main term in the diagnosis abdominal painPain