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water pump

Helen goes here multiple times (with the key, the pitcher, etc.) it is her place of refuge and where her miracle took place

battle of vicksburg

North (Annie) vs. South (Keller) for Helen's independence. Annie, like the Northern general, is more stubborn,


Annie vs. Keller, Annie asserting her independence, foreshadows Annie "winning" with Helen

chick hatching from the egg

Helen breaking free from the constraints of not being able to communicate


locking Helen in to teach her; when helen gives Annie it, it shows that she trusts Annie

locked doors

like Helen's ability to communicate, they are necessary in her learning. when the doors are unlocked, helen is also free

the well

Helen asserts herself by hiding the key here; it shows Helen's intelligence and the fact that she has potential and will be able to progress


Helen's miracle of language; her first word, she threw it in Annie's face, knew the word by 6 months old, etc.


it is a debilitating handicap and serves to stifle Helen's learning


all characters must change in order for Helen to transform. Kate/Keller must relinquish control; James needs to learn to stand up to Keller; Annie needs to change her methods to reach Helen


2nd chance for love between Annie and Helen; Helen's resurrection with language; Keller/James relationship resurrected

language and meaning

understanding language and meaning sets Helen free and makes her independent


Annie's stubbornness contributes to Helen's awakening; she outlasts Kate, Keller, and Helen by being more stubborn

north vs. south

Annie is North: strong, stubborn, independent. Keller is South: decorum, manners, appeasement, being proper and authoritative. annie's northern mentality overcomes southern sentimentalities to help Helen transform

ivy green

name of the Keller homestead

tuscumbia, alabama

location of Ivy Green

perkins school for the blind

the school Annie attended

watertown, massachusetts

location of the Perkins School for the Blind

tewksbury, massachusetts

location of the state almshouse where Annie stayed as a little girl

Radcliffe College

sister school of Harvard, for women only, where Helen attended college

cambridge, massachusetts

location of Radcliffe College


the Keller's dog's name

tubercular hip

the disease Annie's brother, Jimmy, had


treats Helen in the beginning of the play


Helen's mom (James's stepmom), and mother of Mildred, too


Captain Arthur Keller, Helen's father (and James's and Mildred's father), married to Kate (his second marriage)


main character, 19 months old at the start of the play, 6 years old when Annie arrives


Helen's baby sister

martha and percy

children of the Keller's servant, Viney

aunt ev

Keller's aunt, lives with them


Keller's son from first marriage (Kate is his stepmom)


the man who runs Perkins School for the Blind in Boston and sends Annie to help Helen

annie sullivan

"The Miracle Worker" - Helen's teacher


Keller family servant

blind girls

girls at Perkins School for the blind who say goodbye to Annie


works for the Kellers

offstage voices

in Annie's head - memories of her past, one includes her dead brother Jimmy

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