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  1. salon
  2. debauchee
  3. credulity
  4. asunder
  5. savory
  1. a into separate parts; in or into pieces
  2. b state of willingness to believe in the absence of proof
  3. c pleasant in taste or smell
  4. d a person given to excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures
  5. e a large room

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  1. blessing
  2. a crowd of people
  3. call forth
  4. warmly and pleasantly cheerful
  5. unruly

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  1. prodigalitywasteful extravagance


  2. septicresulting from disease-causing organisms


  3. hauteurarrogance


  4. armisticefailing to produce the intended result


  5. staidto make sore by rubbing


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