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  1. platonic
  2. elicit
  3. vestige
  4. prodigality
  5. turgid
  1. a call forth
  2. b wasteful extravagance
  3. c swollen, distended
  4. d a mark of something that is no longer present
  5. e relationship marked by the absence of romance or sex

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  1. ripped; torn
  2. an argument
  3. daydream
  4. coolly and patronizingly haughty
  5. pleasant in taste or smell

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  1. anterooma large reception room or area


  2. asidean utterance meant to be inaudible to someone


  3. menageriea collection of wild or unusual animals


  4. eddynoisy clamor


  5. saunterhaving a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air