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  1. ingratiate
  2. vacuous
  3. wan
  4. laudable
  5. credulity
  1. a state of willingness to believe in the absence of proof
  2. b worthy of praise
  3. c bring oneself into favor by pleasing them
  4. d lacking vitality as from weariness
  5. e showing lack of thought or intelligence; vacant

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  1. the embodiment of a deity of spirit in some earthly form
  2. an ophthalmologist
  3. skeptical
  4. wasteful extravagance
  5. an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive

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  1. armisticean utterance meant to be inaudible to someone


  2. malevolencemalice; hatred


  3. turgidserious, professional; sober


  4. rowlacking vitality as from weariness


  5. asundera large room


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