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  1. asunder
  2. punctilious
  3. denizen
  4. septic
  5. fractious(ness)
  1. a marked by precise accordance to details
  2. b into separate parts; in or into pieces
  3. c resulting from disease-causing organisms
  4. d a person who inhabits a particular place
  5. e unruly

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  1. warmly and pleasantly cheerful
  2. failing to produce the intended result
  3. joyous humor
  4. the embodiment of a deity of spirit in some earthly form
  5. pleasant in taste or smell

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  1. recurrentoccurring or appearing again


  2. staidserious, professional; sober


  3. reproacha low chest of drawers for use in bedroom


  4. routripped; torn


  5. conceita result of mental activity