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  1. euphemism
  2. contiguous
  3. staid
  4. homogeneity
  5. saunter
  1. a serious, professional; sober
  2. b the quality of being uniform throughout
  3. c an inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive
  4. d to walk in a leisurely pace
  5. e touching; in contact

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  1. drawn or bent into folds
  2. preceding in time or order
  3. no longer existing or functioning
  4. attracting attention in a vulgar manner
  5. blessing

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  1. foliagethe leaves of a plant, collectively


  2. gaudinessmarked by extravagance of sometimes tasteless showiness


  3. eddynoisy clamor


  4. dinnoisy clamor


  5. recurrentdaydream