Competency Area 5 - Administer and manage health education and promotion

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What are the steps in administering and managing health education and promotion?
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Assess technology needs to support health education and promotion (organizational-level assessments)
Infrastructure and supplies (computers, phones, Web sites, data storage)
Evaluate human resources and knowledge needed to deliver the program
Assess technology needs for intervention delivery and evaluation, for team collaboration (Dropbox, Zoom)
Assess technology capacity and comfort of priority audience
Use technology to collect, store, and retrieve program management data
Apply ethical principles in managing technology resources
Evaluate emerging technologies for applicability to health education and promotion
Guidance from trusted public health agencies
Evidence in peer-reviewed literature
National trends regarding technology use
Assess capacity to meet program goals (determine the needs, capacity, and resources of organizations as early as possible
Raising awareness of policy requirements and regulations
Developing alliances with constituency groups
Create agreements and monitor relationships
Establishing clear mission statements, goals, and outcomes.
Evaluate relationships
Conduct a cultural audit to gain an understanding of the assumptions, values, and other factors that may impact program implementation
Develop strategies to reinforce or change organizational culture to support health education and promotion
Consider a revolutionary approach: new leadership if there's a crisis/failing organization
Conduct program quality assurance and process improvement
Comply with existing laws, regulations, and ethical principles of the profession.
Planning phase - ask:
- Why is a position required?
- What are the qualifications required to fill the position?
- When are the services required?
- Who will be responsible for recruiting for this position?
Implementation phase - ask:
- Where will recruiting happen?
- Who will recruit?
- Who will be the appropriate individuals to fill the position?
Evaluation phase - ask: did the strategy work?