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A functionalist would argue that war happens as often as it does because it has ____ _____ for the maintenance of society as a whole.

War provides ____ cohesion and ______ the economy. Canada's economic development profited greatly from WWII.

War is also the reason that some ______ is developed and then altered for individual use.
____ ____ would argue that war develops because of a struggle for power between groups, whether ethnic, racial, or regional. Also noted here is that those who have power benefit from war in terms of the accumulation of raw materials or money. Feminists bring to our attention that war is the purview of mainly men and that the role of women is limited, if less so recently
ArbitrationA nonviolent strategy used to resolve conflicts and to stop or prevent war where a neutral third party in arbitration arrives at a decision that the two conflicting parties agree in advance to accept