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APUSH: Politics and Famous Elections in US History

What was the significance of the Election of 1796?
First presidential election to involve political parties - John Adams from the Federalist Party elected
What was the significance of the Election of 1800?
It was the Peaceful Revolution, the first transfer of power in the white house
What was significant about the elections of 1816 and 1820?
There was only one political party; The Era of Good Feelings
In what election was the Corrupt Bargain in place?
1824 - Henry Clay promised votes to John Quincy Adams if he was appointed Secretary of State
When was Andrew Jackson elected, marking the first president from the West and the election of a 'common man'?
What was the first modern campaign?
1840; William Henry Harrison, "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too"
What election held a voter turnout of almost 80%?
Election of 1840 in which William Henry Harrison was elected, first modern campaign
When was Abraham Lincoln elected, causing souther secession to begin?
What was significant about the election of 1912?
Woodrow WIlson was elected because of the fractured nature of the Republican Party
When was Warren G. Harding elected, ushering in Republican-dominated government?
What was significant about the Election of 1932?
FDR elected on New Deal, to end the depression
What is significant about the Election of 1948?
Truman was elected despite split in Democratic Party and overwhelming odds against him
In what Presidential Election were the first televised debates?
1960 - John F Kennedy was elected
What propelled Richard Nixon's victory in the election of 1968?
Split in democratic party because of Vietnam War, LBJ doesn't run
When was Ronald Reagan elected, beginning the Conservative Revolution?