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la sien

the forehead

el mentón

the chin

la cicatriz

the scar


to carve (wood)/ to deal cards


to shuffle (cards)

la baraja

the deck of cards

la virtud

the virtue

el aliento

the breath/ breathing


dazed/ bewildered/ drunk

el acíbar

the bitterness

los progenitores

the ancestors

el zanjón

the ditch

los tajos de perrillo

the knife wounds


to feel/ to touch

el barril de macarelas

the barrel of mackerel

el escalofrío

the shiver


to swallow

el temor

the fear

el cobarde

the coward

la hazaña

the (heroic) deed


to be envious/ to want something that belongs to someone else

a hurtadillas

stealthily/ furtively

las talas de tabaco

the tobacco stalks

el tallo de amapola

the poppy stalk

el muñón

the stump

la fruición

the delight/ gratification/ fruition

el ventorrillo

the petty inn or tavern near a town

el empellón

the shove


to chew

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