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  1. Societal Emotional Process
  2. Subsystems
  3. Paradoxical prescription/directive
  4. Power hierarchies
  5. Complementarity
  1. a The extent to which different family roles are in harmony with each other.
  2. b Techinique which involves prescribing the problem behavior.
  3. c Some part of the family - females, parents, kids etc.
  4. d Denotes that the emotional system governs behavior on a societal level, similiar to that found in a family, promoting both progressive and regressive periods in society.
  5. e Refers to the distribution of power in families.

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  1. A therapist "joining" or engaging in work with a couple. Through avoidance of triangulation, helps the couple address, with each other, the difficulties they are having.
  2. Murray Bowen. Goal is achievement of a higher level of differentiation of self on the part of each family member. Often involves working with one family member with the premise being that when one member changes, the others will follow. Each member is assisted in taking responsibility for his own role in problems. Comments are directed to the therapist. 8 interlocking concepts.
  3. Therapist has the family or a subsystem of the family act out, in session, how they typically deal with a specific type of problem.
  4. Different beginning points may lead to the same result.
  5. The same beginning point may lead to different results.

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  1. CounterparadoxTechnique whereby the therapist helps the family along each step of the way so they know exactly what they are to do.


  2. EnmeshmentCoalitions btwn subsystems in the family that serve a specific purpose.


  3. The PlacaterAccuses, criticizes, and dominates.


  4. Take Charge roleAccuses, criticizes, and dominates.


  5. HomeostasisMaking the client's symptoms too much trouble for the client to continue to have. (Assigning hours of exercise in the middle of the night when they have been symptomatic that day.)