Forensic Anthropology

What is Forensic Science
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Daubert v. Merrill DowCourt case that dealt with the quality of forensic evidence presented in court, which created the Daubert StandardNAS 2009 ReportSuggested national unity and standard laws. Like requiring a medical examiner sysytem nation wide. A code of ethics.CriminalisticsCollect evidence of every nature, analyze it in the lab, identify the source, dna analysis etc..PathologyMedical examiners with medical degrees. Investigate the body inside and out. Identify and categorize wounds cause and manner of death.Odontologyidentification based on dental work. Can be helpful in mass disasters. Can also do bite mark analysis.Engineeringlooks at the failure of material. Any structures that dall down and werent supposed to. Also do vehicular traffic reconstruction.ToxicologyChemical analysis of body tissue. look for substances present in fluids or tissues.Behavioral SciencesMost well known is the unit within the FBI. They evaluate individuals to determine if they are competent.Questioned DocumentsComparing handwriting from different documents.AnthropologyReally broad field. From recovery of human remains to identification.Biological/physical Anthropologyfield that studies humans from a biological perspective.Skeletal biologystudy of the variation of the human skeleton in the past and present.Parkman Murder Case of 1849Well to do professor went missing on a nightly walk. Skeletal remains were found in the lab of a chemistry professor, John Webster. Webster took out a loan and couldnt repay Parkman back.Thomas DwightWas the Parkman professor. Published an article about the identification of human skeleton a medicolegal study. Father of Forensic Anthropology.George DorseyStudent of Dwight's. He tested theories in joint surface sizes and the fact that it is different between the sexes. Was involved in the Luetgert murder case.Leutgert Murder CaseAdolf Luetgert owned a sausage factory and behind was his house with his family. Wife went missing abd they found bone fragments in the vats which were identified as Human. Adolf was convicted of hilling his wife.Harris WilderInterested in fingerprints and how they can identify individuals. Most notable contribution was personal identification.Ales HrdlickaIs a major figure in physical anthropology, interested in variation in the skeleton. Founded the American Journal of Physical Anthropology in 1918 and the American Association of Physical Anthropology.Dr. T. Wingate ToddTodd method for age estimation from pubic synthesis.Montague CobbFirst African American to earn a PhD in Anthropology. Started a collection of 700 at Harvard.Robert J. TerryHad a large collection of 2000 individuals. This collection has been used for forensic and basic biological anthropological research. Methods for estimating sex, ancestry from this.Mildred TrotterWell known for research in stature estimation. Worked for armed forces and helped identify WW1 deceased individuals.William BassFounded the first anthropological research facility (BODY FARM)Clyde SnowFounding member of physical anthropology section at AAPS.SupineOn your backproneon your bellyAutolysisDeath of the cell, widespread tissue necrosis. Cell walls burst and break down tissue. Byproduct fuels putrification.PutrefactionInternal BreakdownAlgor MortisPostmortem CoolingOcular ChangesIf the eyes are open a thin film may form on corneal surface. Within 2-3 hours corneal cloudinessLivor MortisDiscoloration due to settling of bloodRigor MortisRigidity or stiffness in muscular mass, 'freezing' of joints