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What was MCMI designed to measure?
Personality Disorders and clinical symptomology.
What is the MCMI model of personality?
Pleasure Priniciple and Three polarities
1) pain pleasure polarity
2) self-other polarity
3) Active Passive Polarity
What is the reading level of the MCMI?
8th Grade
What is the min. reliability a test can have to stand up in court?
What does a Base Rate of 85 and over indicate?
Personality Pathology
What is the only scale where the raw score is used?
X scale (Disclosure)
What is the validity range of the X score?
No more than 178 and no less than 34.
-measures disclosure
-MMPI equivalant is K
V Index?
Comprised of three highly improbable items;
Items 65, 110 & 157
-If one endorsed interperet with caution
-If two = invalid
Y Scale?
Assess motivation to appear to be socially attractive, morally virtuous, or emotionally well.
BR>75 indicates portrayal of self in more positive light
high scores do not preclude interpretation; adjustments are made
Scale Z?
Detects faking bad, a cry for help or can also mean acute psychological turmoil if BR is above 75
What does undereporting of difficulties look like in MCMI?
-raw score on Disclosure X is < 34 and Debasement Z
-high BR on Y (Y>75) Desirability
What does Fake Bad look like?
-High X raw score X>178
-High score on Debasement Z>75
Factors that preclude interpretation?
-gender unknown
-less than 18 yrs old
-12 or more missing responses
-2 or more V items
-No BR on clinical scales is above 59
Scale 1?
Scale 2A?
Avoidant; want to be liked but possess hypersensitivity to rejection, social anxiety, GAD, Agoraphobia
Scale 2B?
Depressive; preoccupied with negativity, needy, sensitive to rejection, difficult to please
Scale 3
Dependent; needy without depressive symptoms, can't be alone, passive, submissive, avoidant of conflict, fear of abandonment
Scale 4?
Histrionic; needs attention, dramatic, extroverted
Sacle 5?
Narcissistic; seek attention because of a need to be admired, sensitive to criticism
Scale 6A?
Antisocial; uses aggression to for self-serving purposes, sense of entitlement, jealous, dominating, disturbed moral compass
Scale 6B?
Agressive; enjoy inflicting harm on others, abusive and humilating in interactions with others
Scale 7?
Compulsive; rigid, perfectionistic seen as over-controlling, rigid beliefs, fear of social dissapproval
Scale 8A?
Passive-Agressive (negatavistic); express agression through inaction, stubborn, labile affect, feel underappreciated
Scale 8B?
Self Defeating; overly self-sacrificing, feel they deserve punishment
Severe Personality Pathology Scales?
S- schizotypal- appear odd, starnge ideas
C- borderline- lack sense of ID
P- paranoid- aloof, critical of others
Clinical Syndromes Scales?
A- Anxiety, H- Somatoform, N-bipolar, D-Dysthymia,
B-Alcohol Dependence, T-Drug Dependence, R-PTSD
Severe Syndromes Scales?
SS- Thought Disorder
CC-Major Depression
PP-Delusional Disorder
Limitations of MCMI?
-test-retest validation only 2 weeks
-low level of interdiagnostician agreement
-primarily assesses personality dysfunction
-empirical vs. theory based
- Base Rates
What scales do normal individuals often score high on?
Histrionic, compulsive, & Narcisisstic
What scales do older people tend to score higher on?
Dependent, Depressive
Detached Type?
Elevations on Scales 1,2, and 3; isolated detached, poor independent functioning, no particular type of offender, greater likelyhood of being vic of sex assault, drug/alc use uncommon, crimes tend to be impulsive, if MR is present greater likelyhood perfect fit profile
Criminal Type?
Elevations on 4(Histrionic), 5(narcissistic), and 6A (Antisocial) or 6B(Sadistic); strong Hx of psychopathology in parents, rapists, rarely HS grad, see themselves as outgoing social and independent, detest behavioral limitations, lowest incidence of psychosis, nature of crimes not sex but power
Negatavistic/Angry Type?
6A (Antisocial), 6B (Sadistic), & 8A (Negatavistic); resentful of society, low incidence of family Hx MI or abuse,low icidence of nuisance sex offenses, usually nonsexual crimes but aimed at a victim
Healthy Type?
Yield profile within normal limits BR<75; may have slight elevations on Y, 4, 5. low prev fam MI, assault victims bx of own inadequcies, offenses thought out, deviant sexual arousal, tendency toward psychotic thinking, serious sex offender, normal childhood & teen years til pressures of adulthood, bizarre ideas about sexuality & relationships in general
How MCMI used in Competency to Stand Trial Evals?
- To check for malingering
-assess for symptomology that may interfere with competence
Theoretical Model MCMI? (Polarities)
1) pain-pleasure (nature of reinforcement)
2) self -other (where reinforcement takes place)
3) active-passive (how one seeks reinforcement)
Why is it reccomended that forensic's use the MCMI?
Has better empirical support; studies support convergent, discriminant and construct validity, internal-structural factor analytic data in manual