History Unit 2 Test

America's first national constitution. This document provided a weak national government.
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______ believe power in the states, prevalent in south, common man policy, alliance with France, strict constructionistsDemocratic Republicansa belief in a strong national government, strong northern affiliation, educated and rich should make decisions, ties with british, loose constructionistsFederalismThe ______ is put in place by Washington and avoids war due to national youth and potential costProclamation of Neutralitydiffuses tensions with the british, and causes the british to vacate to northwest territory, allows US to pay off debt, is upsetting to T. Jefferson and FrenchJay Treatyis the negotiation between the US and Spain allowing american access to the missisippi river and port of new orleans, thus setting a southern border between Georgia and Spanish FloridaPinckney Treatywas when Adams appointed federalist judges in the final hour of his presidencyJudiciary Act of 1801____ is the belief that one person or section is more import than a nationSectionalismThe ______ was a bribe demanded by France to begin negotiations which creates major anti-french sentimentXYZ AffairThe ______ raises the residency to citizenship requirement, allows the president and congress blanket deportation and jailing authority, and says that you can't criticize the governmentAlien and Sedition actsThe ______ was put in place to prevent regional candidates from winning the presidential electionElectoral College_____ was the candidate running against Jefferson where a tie in the race occuredAaron BurrThe _____ mandates that there must be different ballots for the VP and President12th AmendmentThe _____ was the land bought by Jefferson for 15 Million dollars from France and serves as a buffer zoneLousiana Purchase...Lewis and Clark Expedition____ was a guide of lewis and clarkSacajawea_____ is the act of the British seizing US ship and forcing americans into foreign military serviceImpressmentThe _____ was arguably Jefferson's greatest mistake because it shuts down trade with Britain and FranceEmbargo Act____ was an american military guy that defeat the shawnee at TippacanoeWilliam Henry Harrison____ was a native american who the british supplies weapons to.. he was a shawnee chiefTecumseh...War Hawks_____ was who invented the Missouri compromise, he was a war hawk, speaker in the house of representatives, and from KentuckyHenry Clay____ was the hero from new orleans in the war of 1812Andrew Jackson____ was when andrew jackson defeats the british however ironically the treaty was already signedBattle of New Orleans____ ends the war of 1812 but doesn't change a whole lotTreaty of Ghent_____ was the secretary of state, and nations top diplomat who creates the Adams Onis treatyJohn Quincy AdamsThe _____ closes the western hemisphere to european colonization with promise to stay out of european affairsMonroe DoctrineThe _____ said that states about the 36 30 Line were free states and below the line they were slave states so when missouri was added as a slave state, Maine was added as a free state to even out the number of slave and free statesMissouri Compromise______ was the federalist who wants to create a national bank and currency to pay off war bondsAlexander Hamilton______ are indirect taxes on goods like whiskeyExciseA ______ is a tax on foreign goods thus promoting american productsTariffThe ______ was what happened after Washington intervened in states affairs thus affirming federalist policyWhiskey Rebellion