Clinical Education Annual Review Course

I am required to remain current with all required health policy documentation to attend class, maintain enrollment in the University, and to process to Clinical Education.
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Examples of Protected Health Information (PHI) under the HIPPA Privacy rule include: name, address, birthdate, Social Security #, diagnosis, and billing recordTrueUnder what circumstances are you free to repeat to other PHI that you hear on the job?When you job requires it or on a 'need to know' basisYou are a student at a local therapy clinic. One of your patient's. says that they are good friends with another patient that is in the gym receiving treatment from another therapists and asks you what they are there for. What should you?Explain that it's a violation of the patient's privacy for you to look at their records or give that informationAs a student, you have access to confidential patient information as a part of your clinical rotations. You can look up any patient's records, to learn about differential diagnoses, even if they are not the patient you and your clinical supervisor/instructor are working with, as long as you keep the information to yourself.FalseA co-worker is called away for a short errand and leave the clinical PC logged onto the Confidential Information System. You need to look up information using the same computer system to provide treatment. What should you do? Select all that apply"Log your co-worker off and re-log in under you own User ID and Password" AND "Leave you co-worker's computer logged on and find a different computer to use"Which of the following does NOT carry bloodborne pathogens?Human hairWhich of the following will NOT result in an exposure incident from bloodborne pathogens entering the body?Hugging an infected personWhat does OSHA stand for?Occupational Safety and Health AdministrationIf you are performing ultrasound to skin surrounding a patient's wound, which of the following would be appropriate PPE to don?Gloves and a gownWhich of the following is NOT a blood-borne pathogen found in blood and blood components and products?Common coldHand washing is only necessary after you have come in contact with infectious materialsFalse